question about spotting scopes

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    Default question about spotting scopes


    Hi everyone, I just recently purchased a rifle and am joining a club that has matches. I'm disabled and have saved to buy a spotting scope. Unfortantly my budget is topped at $50.00. I realize that doesn't buy what most have but that's my limit, so what can anyone recommend? I've looked on ebay and Midwest usa. I'm assuming that a 60 is better but i'm clueless. hope you can advise, ty Bob
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    I don't thing you will get much for your $50 in a spotting scope.:(
    When I, and my eyes, were MUCH younger I used some inexpensive SS and got by with them. I now have a Nikon which is about a $400 scope and I can 'get by' with it. I have sold several Redfield SS recently and they were VERY well liked by my customers but they are in the $200-$250 price range.
    To answer your question, Tasco as some in the $100 range. Other than looking for a used one I can't give you any other suggestions.
    Welcome to the forum!:)