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    Hi everyone, I just recently purchased a rifle and am joining a club that has matches. I'm disabled and have saved to buy a spotting scope. Unfortantly my budget is topped at $50.00. I realize that doesn't buy what most have but that's my limit, so what can anyone recommend? I've looked on ebay and Midwest usa. I'm assuming that a 60 is better but i'm clueless. hope you can advise, ty Bob
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    Bob, welcome to the forum. We are glad to have another enthusiast on board. Perhaps you could find a decent used spotting scope within your budget. Anything is possible. Some things are improbable. Nonetheless, welcome.

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    Wildcat,Welcome to the forum.
    I hate to tell you this,but $50 isn't going to get you much in a spotting scope.
    What type of distances will you be shooting at? If your not shooting long range,a cheap spotter might work,but for farther distances you'll need some decent glass to see your targets.
    Decent entry level spotting scopes are $200-300,most of the cheaper ones are like looking through coke bottles.
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    As mentioned above, a top quality scope is going to run $250 at least. There's really no way to use a cheap scope if you're shooting at 100 yards. If you've got a really good strong set of binoculars, that might work. A rifle scope may work too. You'll just need to hand-hold it, as I'm presuming you're shooting with irons. Maybe someone at the club has an old one you could borrow too.

    However I have this spotting scope and it works pretty darn well. I've tried a few others at the $150 range and didn't have any luck. This Celestron is sharp and bright, and does well enough for a few hundred yards. If you're just shooting at 100 yards, this should be great.

    As for a stand though, that's where your gonna be suprised on price. Most are going to run a couple hundred. I'm out of town and don't have the name, but was just shooting a match and there is a guy in Wisconsin that makes a pretty good stand I saw, supposedly under $200. Will post it if I can find it. In the meantime, I've just been using a redneck scope stand and it works fine. 5' of 1/2 conduit, built up a base and platform with 2x4s, drilled a hole in it to sink the conduit, had an old camera clamp and bingo! spotting scope stand! You can try using a tripod as well. Only issue is the base width may interfere with the shooters space next to you, and it may be difficult to get it low enough when you're in prone.

    Hope this is helpful.
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    If you are willing to buy used or buy on ebay. There are plenty that will work for up to 500 yards. It all depends on what you need to see at what distance. A $50 spotting scope is not going to pick up 30 cal bullet holes at 1000 yards. Not many spotting scopes will. Even the $2k+ ones. If you want one to look at targets at 100 yards to see the groups then just about any of the ones listed below will work just fine. Are they going to be as good as a Leupold or Lica? No, but they will be good enough to pick out 22 cal or larger bullet holes at 100 to 200 yards.

    Here are a few on Ebay.
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    Hey, Wildcat, Welcome to the FTF.

    I've got a Konus, but I can't recommend it.

    A pistol tripod(folds up to look like a pistol)

    works well, on a range table.

    My Konus works great in bright sunlight,

    but performance drops way off on a rainy day.

    The tripod which came with the kit broke as it

    exited the box.

    I'm looking to upgrade my spotting scope soon,

    and this time I won't cheap out.

    I'll agree, use a pair of binoculars, to get by,

    till you budget more money. I'm looking to

    drop at least 300$ on a better optic, soon.
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    Here's that inexpensive but nice scope stand I saw in use and plan on ordering. Everything isn't buffed out to a mirror shine, but who cares. It does exactly what it's supposed to and is very stable from what the guys showed me.