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Question about savage 64 assembly (or rifle assembly in general)

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i diassembled my savage 64 for the first time, following everything step by step and even watching a you tube video showing how to do it.

ive put everything back together, but i seem to be having a problem putting the assembly back into the synthetic stock, or am i even having a problem to begin with?

my problem is that when i insert the assembly into the stock, only the butt end of the assembly can be flush with the stock or the barrel can be flush, not both at the same time; it teeter totters, almost as if something in the middle is preventing the assembly from being completley flush at both ends.

ive but both hex bolts back and tightened, it seems the butt end wants to to tighten even more, casuing the barrel to angle upwards.

is the barrel supposed to have a gap between itself and the very front of the stock? i thought i remember everything being flush, alsmot as if the assembly 'snaps into the stock', with no gaps between the too parties. am i wrong?

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Do you have any pictures?

It might help the forum members help you diagnose the problem...

youre right.. on the way...
i cant seem to post a reply with pics

seems my post got deleted.

ill try this again.

1. Butt end when flush with stock

2. Barrel end when flush with stock

3. Barrel end when butt is flush with stock (note gap)

sorry for any repeat posts!! i dont understand why my posts are not showing up.
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irata - As you are new member, any links or pictures need to be moderated prior to posting for public consumption. This is in a constant effort to keep spam down and off the board.

For the next little while, if you want to post something like pictures or links, just PM either myself, bkt, or matt g and we will get the posts on line for you.

my apologies dillinger, my broswer redirected me pretty quick after posting, i didnt see the approval by mods message. thanks!
my apologies dillinger, my broswer redirected me pretty quick after posting, i didnt see the approval by mods message. thanks!
Now sweat bro - It's just an anti-spam tool we use to keep the internetz safe. Once you hit about 30 posts or so, you don't have to worry about it.

The guys here are all good and knowledgable, so someone will be along shortly to address this issue for you, I am sure.

It looks like you have a problem with the bottom metal, or perhaps the stock itself.

This isn't a weapon I am familiar with, but just looking at the pictures, it looks like maybe you have put on your bottom metal ( trigger, housing, magazine & housing ?? ) prior to placing the action in the synthetic stock.

Can you give us a couple of pictures of the stock itself and of the action, out of the stock?

Two halves might help the guys diagnose your "whole" problem in this case.

i sure can

4. another look at the gap im concerned about:

5. assembly out of stock, assembled:

6. inside of stock

7. assembly, dissasembled:

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Some help please gents - I am not familiar with this model, but it appears there is an obstruction with action to stock somewhere. Anyone run into this before?


i spoke to a freind of mine, he says it is most likely a free floating barrel, therefore it does not touch the stock. makes sense.
I guess I missed the part where it wasn't touching before you took it apart? Was that the case?

I was under the impression that the barrel gap was new. :rolleyes:

If the barrel is free floated, it should not touch the stock. If it was touching before you assembled it, then you have a problem. If it wasn't then you are probably okay...

thats the thing, i dont know if it was touching before i took it apart. ive really taken a good hard look at my assembly and everything seems fine. i would still like to know how far down the assembly and barrel should bedded.
put the butt in first and work the action where it drops in the stock like an sks
I have the same rifle but haven't had the problem you describe, I took my rifle apart and tried to make it not fit just to see if I could diagnose the problem. The only thing I can think of is maybe the screw that holds the barrel clamp on is somehow loosened itself a little and is causing the stock to teeter on it. Whetever you do, don't try to tighten the star screws near the mag well in order to tighten up the gap at the front of the stock. This is normal on this rifle and mine has about a 1/4 inch gap there.

The only thing I really dislike about this rifle is that the rear sight (where is attaches to the barrel) likes to slide from side to side ever once in a while. It doesn't move all that much and it takes months but it seems to be a pain in the butt so I put a Simmons 3-9x32 scope on mine so I didn't have to rely on the iron sights. The part that moves is next to my thumb in the pic.

Otherwise, this rifle makes a good squirrel rifle and mine has killed about 100 squirrels in the couple of years that I've hade it.

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ok thanks for the info. i really wasnt sure about how tight the hex bolts should be (must be the star screws on y ours).

from what i can see in your pic, my barrel protrudes from the stock like mine does.
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