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    Hi everyone haven't been on in a while...hope everyone had fun and safe holidays. My Mosin had some pretty bad rust and some pitting on the spot underneath the thin wood piece that the rings go over. When i first degreased it I noticed the rust spot and rubbed it off with steel wool and I have been keeping an eye on it and oiling every now and then. Is there a way to get it off and keep it off without having to check it every once and a while.

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    rust issues

    If the spot your having trouble with is hidden by wood or whatever i would recomend clear coat, basically when you apply oil your sealing the metal from air, the only problem is oil doesnt last it evaporates and usually runs.You can still oil the metal that is easily gotten to.

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    i had similer damage under the wood on my mosian too. you need to get rid of all the rust first steel wool isent going to cut it. i went after mine with a steel wire wheel on my drll.. if the rust isent deep you can also file the area smooth with eithor a good old fashion file or a belt sander with 80 grit sand paper. then hit the area with some blueing. hasent come back yet.
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