Question about refinishing Ruger 10/22 stock

Discussion in 'Engraving & Refinishing' started by thundermonty, May 22, 2012.

  1. thundermonty

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    I wanted to refinish my ruger 10/22 stock. Removing all the old stain, putting new stain on, and then putting on tru-oil. I was going to use citristrip and the birchwood casey stock finish kit. But now im wondering... if i already like the stain on the gun.. could i just put some tru-oil on it and use steel wool, and repeat? just to make it glossy? I dont really want to change the colour i just want it to be glossy. So you can see the grain of the wood better. Thanks.
  2. Muliemaster

    Muliemaster New Member

    You will need to sand it they use a satin clear over the stain to give it durability