Question about Raven Arms MP-25

Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by bolt_action14, Sep 4, 2013.

  1. bolt_action14

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    Hey all,

    My dad just found his mom's MP-25 with two clips and a few rounds. I was just wondering if y'all had any input or information on this weapon. I would like to give it to my girlfriend to carry concealed. She works in a not-so-great part of town and I just want her to have something to carry. Any kind of information will help!

  2. mountainman13

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    Normally I would say something is better than nothing but if I remember correctly it is an extremely unsafe firearm. I believe they had a tendency towards discharging upon chambering. I wouldn't recommend it.

  3. blackxpress

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    I would not recommend it, or any other .25 for that matter. 30 years ago I had one when I was driving a cab in Atlanta. I kept it under my left thigh while driving in case I needed to distract a BG long enough to get the car stopped and finish him off with my .357. At least that was the plan. I did train with it and never had any problems with it but the .25 is about the most ineffective caliber there is. I chose it because I figured if I had to shoot someone in the back seat while I was driving I could afford to miss without worrying about putting a hot round in the gas tank. I got rid of it after I read a story in the Atlanta Journal about a guy who emptied a .25 into a BG that was hopped up on PCP and the BG beat him nearly to death. He was lucky to have survived. If I was going to give my wife a gun to carry in "a not-so-great part of town" I would get her at least a compact 9mm and make sure she was well trained to use it.
  4. Rick1967

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    A 25 is better than nothing. But the Ravens, Jennings and Bryco guns were not safe to carry a chambered round in. If it is all she has, then it is all she has. But if you have a couple hundred dollars to spend you can find something better. I would be looking for a snub nosed revolver in 38. You could find an EAA Windicator used for under $200 if you shop around.

    I am not going to tell someone not to carry the only gun that they can afford. If it is all you have...don't carry a round in the chamber. If you can afford to get something should do it.

    HOSSFLY New Member

    Good keepsake..............(those are periods)
  6. sweeper22

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    Not an ideal gun to depend on.

    I'd generally recommend whatever .30-something caliber pistol suits her 327mag, 357mag/38spl, 380acp, 9mm. On a budget, there are numerous quality options in the $250-500 range.