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about 10 years ago I had a bait and tackle shop in MS. I also had an FFL and sold a few guns. Maybe 100 a year, not anything spectacular. We had a inspection and there where several problems with the record keeping. All firearms where accounted for but I lost my FFL all the same. Problem I had to many different employees going in and out of the log book with poor oversight. Everyone seemed to do it a little different from each other and some errors where made.

No lost guns, or anything criminal just record keeping errors which I guess in the grand scheme of things is bad enough. Just nothing criminal

Skip forward to today. I am moving to FL and am contemplating selling a few guns like before in my new bait and tackle shop. Can someone tell me if I will even be issued another FFL when I apply? Anyone ever hear of something like this or know of a shop this has happened to?
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