question about glock training pistol 17-T, 17R

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    I am really in a quandry. i recently purchased a glock training pistol. the box has a label that states: glock 17-T 9mm FX. training pistol. it also states "law enforcement sales only". The pistol has a metal slide (black) and black trigger, and a red bottom. It does not have a clip. marked on the barrel is 17R and 9x19. Along with a warning, serial #, ect. I was told that this gun "shoots" a laser. I havent had the gun apart to check for batteries. This is not one of the training guns that are solid plasic. the upper, slide, etc. is metal. Just like my real glock. Pulling the slide back, shows a screw in the barrel. I am looking for info as to what this training pistol is used with.... ie, special targets?

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    First, welcome to the forum- when you get a minute, stop by the intro section, and say howdy.

    Not sure exactly what you have- the 17T that I know of has a BLUE handle, and is intended to shoot the Simuntion training round. Click HERE:Glock Glock Model 17T Simunitions Training Pistol : Neve's Uniforms & Equipment

    Possible you may have a laser variant- targets (or opponents) wear laser receptors, score hits (much like the military MILES system.)

    These are for sale to Law Enforcement Agencies ONLY- so I have to ask- are you comfortable with the party you got this from?

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    Glock makes 4 basic training pistols:

    Cutaways - which are milled away firearms which allows you to see all of the internals functioning. The breech face has no opening and the firing pin has no point.

    T - These are blue and fire the 9mmFX round.

    P - These are red. These have a solid barrel, no opening in the breech face and no point on the firing pin.

    R - These are also red. These are basically the same as the P. It does not have the laser in it. It is only setup to accept an aftermarket system for a FATS type machine, which will track your shots on a computer. The trigger on this gun automatically resets after each pull.