question about FM detective 9mm

Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by cimarron1876, Nov 9, 2009.

  1. cimarron1876

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    I looked at a FM detective 9mm today. Upon inspection I noticed that at the ejection port section of the barrel it looks like a hairline crack. It goes completely around in a perfect line. I thought at first it was a hairline crack from hot loads but then I tried feeling it with a needle and it is perfectly smooth. I think it is a mark from when the barrel was machined. Does anyone know anything about this mark? Thanks in advance
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    You missed the new members welcome page.....good place to start.

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    FM? Do you mean FN? Machining marks are not uncommon. Cracks are uncommon. If it were a crack, it likely would have led to a failure already. Look at another one in a store to see if machining marks are common in that spot.
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    There are FM Hi Powers. They are of Argentine manufacture, manufactured under license from Browning.

    I had a full sized model and it was an excellent pistol. I took the magazine safety out and the trigger got very nice. I also had Novak's remove the hump on the feedramp and throat and polish the chamber. I miss it. :(