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  1. eborden1122

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    Does anyone know what the value would be of a Beretta 92f compact model L made in 2000? It is in not perfect but pretty good condition. Thanks for any help.
  2. JonM

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    Prolly bout 20-30% less than the new ones selling today. They aren't collector guns or have a following like old colt and rugers.

  3. hawkguy

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    i think what jon said is probably about right.

    i had a 92fs, bought it for $500, sold it for $350 almost 10 years later. got a good bit of fun out of that gun for $150.....:)

    as said, something between 60-80% of retail depending on condition.
  4. DrFootball

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    If it's in reasonably good condition, and you have 2-3 mags with it, or any other extras, possibly $400(ish). If not, a bit less. I don't have a Compact, but 2 full sized Beretta's and one Stainless Taurus 92 with a match tube, and a an M-9/22..
    The new ones from Beretta are running around $6-625 with an actual list of around $7. The Chiappa 's are $549 list( for both std. & compact) but I see them for $500 most places. Like I said I have their 22 M9 clone,..they are just as good function wise as the Beretta's IMO. I had an M9A1 stainless in my hand at an LGS recently. Right after I put it down someone who walked in, saw it and out the door it went. If I were you I'd keep it...
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