Question about ammo I was given???

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    Hey fellas, I could use your advice. I was given a box full of different ammo and don't know much about it. I will list what was in the box. I would like to know your opinion on prices. I have no use for any of it, and am looking to get rid of it. I live near Portland Or.

    Winchester 30 Luger 93 gr. full metal case 100 rnds
    Winchester 307 180 GR. power-point (s.p.) 20 rnds
    Winchester 284 150 GR. power point (s.p.) 20 rnds
    Winchester 38-40 180 GR. soft point 100 rnds
    Winchester 303 Savage 190 GR. silvertip 20 rnds
    Winchester 303 british 180 GR. soft point 15 rnds 5 shells (the box looks old it is yellow, has a red W and super speed over it.
    Remington 38 short colt 125 grain lead 50 rnds
    Federal 6mm 100 GR. hi-shok soft point 20 rnds
    Federal 30 carbine 110 GR. hi-shok sp rn 20 rnds
    Norma 6.5 jap 156 grains soft point round nose 20 rnds
    Norma 7x64 150 grains soft point semi pointed 20 rnds
    PMC 10mm auto 170 GR. 50 rnds

    I really appreciate your info,

    Thanks, Eric
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    WINCHESTER 30 Luger (7.65mm) 93 gr. Super-X® Full Metal Jacket ~$49.70 for a box of 50

    WINCHESTER SUPER-X 307 WIN 180GR POWER POINT ~28.91 box of 20 rounds

    WINCHESTER SUPRE-X 284 WIN 150GR POWER POINT ~$37.21 box of 20

    Everything can be researched here in the search function AX2842-WINCHESTER SUPRE-X 284 WIN 150GR POWER POINT

    And Welcome to the FTF Forum!!

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    Most of what you have is very pricey ammo. The rason it is pricey is because no one shoots it any more. I would hate to even guess what to price it at or where to advertise it, but I would guess sites like this to be the best.