Question about 9x18 ULTRA

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by rancidmeat, Sep 12, 2013.

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    Reason I ask this question is a "friend of mine" has found a Mauser that is chambered for this round, he likes the look and feel of the gun but I am not familiar with this caliber. It is used and said to have been shot "only three times" and it has me wondering if the ammo availability was the cause of this. Is this ammo hard to find? Is it more expensive than regular 9x18? Is there a round known as 9x18 ultra police and if so, is it the same thing?
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    9 X 18 Ultra is not the same thing as 9 X 18 Makarov. The ammo is hard to find. I have never seen any. It was designed to up the power of the Walther PP/PPK series of guns (they cannot handle the 9mm Luger).

    I believe it is essentially a lengthened .380 case (1 mm). You can probably load it using .380 dies (but not 9mm Luger dies)

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    Ammo for the 9mm Ultra (Police) is not easy to find. The 9x18 ammo is readily available but WILL NOT work in it. Quite a difference in bullet diameter for starters.
    The Ultra is basically a (1mm) longer version of a .380, which some people claim it will fire in the Ultra's chamber, but fits sloppy.
    Ultra ammo is out there, just not on most shelves. If you find ant, order all you can cuz it may not be found again.