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    I own a 22/45 and my wife recently started to shoot with me. I decided to buy a second gun, it will not be my last, and it will be a 9mm. If the 9mm I buy can also work for my wife great, if not we will buy two so she can pick one that works best for her. :) So the process is underway to try as many 9mm as we can to build a short list and then work through the short list in a more extensive manner.

    Last week my wife and I shot a Springfield 1911-A1 and a Glock 19. While both were fine we both liked the 1911 a bit more.

    Today I went solo to Reeds in Santa Clara and rented a Glock 17 and a Beretta PX4 Storm. The secondary goal was to work on mechanics. We think we are both limp wristing.

    Set up:

    100 rounds
    5 round magazines
    40 rounds through the Glock
    60 rounds through the Beretta

    Limp wrist fix results: 1 Failure to Eject


    I enjoyed shooting both guns. Shot placement, I need a lot of work, was similar. The Beretta felt the best in my hand. Having shot two Glocks the magazine release gives me some trouble. I need to find the trick for smooth release. It seemed to me the Beretta had slightly less muzzle rise but I really need to shoot both more to reach a conclusion. I like the appearance of the Berretta over the Glock.

    Conclusion I would be happy purchasing either gun from the function perspective but would select the Beretta from the appearance perspective. Current order of selection if I were to buy today:

    Glock 17
    Springfield 1911-A1
    Glock 19

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    Next time try out a G19gen4, and see how you like that. Slightly more compact than both your choices. And now ultra reliable wit a good capacity mag.

  3. Shoobee

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    Good plan, to try out several at the shooting range, before you buy one.

    For me, a semi-auto handgun needs to have at least two things, if not 3.

    The two things are (1) a double action trigger, and (2) an exposed hammer that I can set to half-cock safety.

    The 3rd thing that would be nice is an adjustable rear sight.

    The 9mm calibre is fairly popular with women in the semi-auto guns.

    Anyone who is not comfortable with a .45 ACP usually does well with a 9mm instead.

    Good choice, in calibre.

    My first choices would be a Ruger, or a CZ, or a Sig.

    These are practically identical guns, with Sig the most expensive, CZ priced in-between, and Ruger All-American.
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    You don't say what you want to do with the handgun. It is just for a fun shoot, home defense, concealed carry or more serious target work? Most women can do well with a Glock 19. It's easy to shoot and master the mechanics. As far as reliability nothing is even close to a Glock, generation 1-3. For home defense it's fine, but a short barreled shotgun is better. For concealed carry the 19 fits better in a purse then in a holster for a man because the slide is thick. For target work look further.

    Another choice is the Walther PPS in 9mm. It's thin easier to conceal and made like a Glock. Point is there are many choices and none may be wrong, some may just be better for purpose than others.
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    We are bringing ourselves up the learning curve. We have multiple missions. Two are home and personal defense. Through our experiences with sea kayaking and aviation we learned the right boat or plane depends on your mission. I think it is no different here. For us the fun is learning and developing proficiency. We may progress a bit slower than others but we are not in hurry. :)
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    Did you try the Springfield XD? I just picked up the 4" service model in 9MM and love it.