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    There seems to be an ongoing discussion or dissection of different makes, styles, and calibers of pistols, revolvers, and long guns.

    My question or statement is this, what is quality?Is it an individual's ability to purchase a particular price range or is it personal taste? Or is it a substantiated scientific fact based on metallurgy or manufacturing techniques?

    For example, is quality equal to reliability? If so the Glock line is a clear cut winner. Is it timelessness in design? In that case 1911's certainly have the track record to take this title.

    I love this forum for the information it provides and the truly dedicated people that love their freedom and their hobby. I for one believe you never stop learning. If you do not think there is anything you don't know about a particular gun you are either full of yourself or sadly delusional. No one knows it all. I'm a thirty year construction general contractor and I learn or at least try to learn something new every day.

    This post or thread could be on every portion of this forum. The fact is this is an open forum and we should embrace new members and old members alike. We all should be like minded in regards to our sport/hobby. Isn't it more pleasant to say "In my experience..." rather than "Read what the newbie wrote" or rolleyes.. When we bicker and demean it just causes separation of our cause which is gun ownership and freedom of speech.

    New guys do take advantage of the search feature there is a vast amount of experience and knowledge here. Old experts, help instead of bravado.

    Just a thought you all can pound if you want to but sometimes things need to be restated.

    I appreciate you all.
  2. hiwall

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    I agree quality is different for different people and different types of guns. It is just a fact that if you want a light frame you have to give up some durability. But the light weight can still be a quality made gun. Look at double barrel shotguns - you could have 2 different quality made guns that might be two or three thousand dollars different in price. Different strokes for different folks.

  3. danf_fl

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    Every person has an opinion.
    What one may think is "quality", another may disagree.

    Look at sockets and socket wrenches. Yeah, you could go to Harbor Freight and buy a set, use it once in a while, and if none break, call it a quality set.
    But if you had to rely on that same socket set to make your living, would you? Using the set every day and get sockets that round out or break, the wrench stops working. Then the same socket set is not of the "quality" you need.

    Same could be said of firearms. Used once in a while, any firearm could be considered of good quality. Used continuously in competition or just weekend practice sessions, and the better ones start to emerge.
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    When I think quality, I think "will my grandchildren be able to enjoy this one day?"

    HOSSFLY New Member

    I think--Will I make money if I trade this thing off :p
  6. Ranger-6

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    To me, firearm quality is based on whether the firearm shoots consistently every time without failure.
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    Quality and value are sometimes used interchangeably yet, strictly speaking, quality is an objective measure of how well, specifically how defect-free, an item is manufactured or how well it meets established standards; while value is a subjective measure of a product's perceived quality versus it's price. People rarely make a purchasing decision based entirely on quality; price or value are typically the deciding factor. It's what an Economist would call a "utility" function.
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    And, just to point out, "meets established standards" has meaning, too. The established standards on 2 blueprints could be quite different, depending on what is called out for tolerances, but if you meet them during the manufacturing process, you've made a quality part.

    For me it is exactly the value perceived VS. cost that matters. I like to spend a little more, and get a nicer more polished product. That's why I sold the Hipoint, and favor the Berettas, Rugers, and soon, Sig. But the HP is still quality, at it's price point IMHO.
  9. therewolf

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    IMO, quality merely refers to the manufacture of the firearm,

    and the quality control work which goes into being sure

    it leaves the factory in top-notch shape.

    Now, qualities I like to see in a firearm

    are reliability, accuracy(or "natural pointing"),

    durable finish, redundant safeties, and ease of use.
  10. Polygon

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    I wouldn't say that quality and reliability aren't the same, but they certainly are linked closely.
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  11. Axxe55

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    i think that perception of quality is subjective. as there is quality as defined as how well something functions and is reliable. then there is quality in relation to how well something appears in regards to fit and finish and appearance. then some will judge a firearm on how accurate it is in regards to quality. quality can be judged in relation to price as to if i spent $5000 on a custom hunting rifle or custom made pistol, then i expect a my highter level of qualitity in comparison to a $500 rifle or pistol. price is sometimes used as a way to define and compare quality.