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    OK I love to shoot, but don't we all, and for those times it is unsafe to push lead, I purchased a quality air-soft HK USP.
    I use to go EWWW air-soft, but this gun is physically identical in every way, mag, slide, tear down, operation, decocker, the slide even locks open when MT!!! I can use it anyplace (well almost) to dry practice, and my son says I have imporved...


    and here is the site, KWA USA I highly recommend this for all shooters, just think you can practice inside and not break anything, that and now the cats know what the word NO means....

    Bottom line for less than 200 bucks you can have a gun that identical to your carry gun that you can practice with almost anytime, anyplace, for penny's, 5,000 pellets and a can of green gas cost less than a box of 50 for the real gun and no noise!!
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  2. SSGSF

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    That is a great idea. Their are allot of tactical instructors that are saying to use air soft trainers like that one. Because we all know that if your not a reloader, ammo is getting expensive.

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    What about recoil?
  4. 2manyhobbies

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    Very low recoil, about as loud as my silenced HK, but the slide operates as it loads the next round.
    the magazine is identical except it takes the pellets, and the air tank is hidden there as well, tear down, same, lock back on mt, it is a hoot to shoot. You can safety use your CC holster and play quick draw, while shooting from the hip and not having to worry about your misses.!
    Accuracy is good to 50 feet and a little beyond, used it to discourage the squirrels in my pear tree :)
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    Cool idea!