Qualifications for a Match Grade Barrel

Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by parinoid54, Dec 26, 2010.

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    Almost every manufacturer of 1911's like to say they have "match grade" barrels. Okay, but what does that mean? I do not understand what qualifies a barrel as match grade. Obviously it has to do with tight tolerances, but what are they? I have read that Taurus uses an "air guage" to determine theirs, but without defining what that means, it is useless to me. Will some of you please explain what determines if a barrel is match grade or what?:confused:
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    there is no real standard of measurement. its really what the maker determines and labels. if a barrel maker has pretty good barrels and then sells match grade it generally means the barrel rifling and bore diameter crowning etc are more uniform.

    just because a barrel has been air gauged doesnt mean they arent tossing em all in the same bin regardless of results...

    match grade can often be a marketing term rather than a useful designation the buyer can use. i would be more willing to believe a match grade air gauged barrel from the colt custom shop is a better barrel than the standard one than i would be willing to believe it of taurus as an example.

    an air gauge pushes a measuring device down a bore to determine uniformity of rifling