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    I'm about 2 weeks away from buying a DPMS Oracle. My gun shop couldnt answer this (oddly enough) so I'm hoping someone here can. First let me explain the issue, then I'll explain what I want to get.

    On the Oracle, the gas block has a small rail on the top of it to put detachable irons on. For some reason, the rail on the gas block is not the same height as the rail on the upper receiver. So they aren't alligned right. Also, the delta ring (not too sure if this is a PROBLEM, but some of the people I've mentioned this too say I can't fit a quad rail around it.)

    Now, obviously, I'm looking for a quad rail. I'd PREFER a mid length. I'd like the flat top rail to run all the way down to the end of the quad (as in I dont want to have a gap where the delta ring is). So, does anyone know if there is a rail out there that will allow the top rail to be one CONTINUOUS rail? Either completely surround the delta, or just have a part that stretches over it? And also, would I need to change the gas block to a low profile? The one on the Oracle looks fairly small, so I'm wondering if I can just cover it with the rail.

    Thanks. :D
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    Your front sight is always lower. You don't own a laser.

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    Daniels Defense sells a quadrail that free floats but doesn't need a different barrel nut. It goes back to the receiver over the delta ring.
    Not cheap.
    Saw one last week. They make nice stuff.

    The dude wanted a full length handguard, over a dissipator bbl (has shaved gas block at CAR position, dummy one up front).

    The DD quadrail would not go over the shaved gas block. It needed a bit more shaving.


    If you have a midlength bbl, then a DD midlength quad of that type (if they make it, bet they do) should work fine.

    You'll still need to remove your front handguard cap from your gas block, if so equipped (gas block/sight GI style) as it'll rattle against the front of the free float quad rail.

    No biggie, somebody around should have the benchblock for quick pin knock out. Neat little item to have ;)
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