Pyrodex Pellets

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    Anybody shoot Pyrodex Pellets in their cartridge guns?
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    Hello: I've tried the pellets in my Ruger old army revolver. Sometimes they would fire sometimes they wouldn't. If I put about 3 grs. of 4f in first then a 30gr pellet it would fire everytime. But What a pain in the behind. I just stayed with the blackpowder. Goex is my first choice. Kik, Dragon, Elephant, Swiss. I shoot about 20-25 lbs a year. I also load cartridge shells and have thought about trying pyrodex in them. But have had such bad luck with it not sure I want to fool with it. Not sure if your using one or not but if you load blackpowder shells. Make or buy a drop tube. Very easy to make and usefull. I can send you a picture if you want to make one cost about 5.00 copper pipe from local hardware store. Pete

  3. Hawg

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    I don't see the pellets working well in cartridges because it needs to be compressed. I use loose Pyrodex in cartridges tho and it works fine.
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    Pellets are not as efficient in either cartridge guns or front stuffer's. I believe the pelletized powders are more of a convenience and offer a slightly higher level of consistency over metering charges of powder through a primitive handheld powder measure in the field. However, I believe that simple logic dictates that a powder compressed into a solid will never have the reliability or rapid ignition of a powder. Inlines using shotshell 209 primers may ignite pellets consistently, but again, ignition and burn rate will be slower than using a powder. Reachingn the peak of the pressure curve quickly is important, especially when using black powder.
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