PX4 Storm issues

Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by Church, Oct 1, 2011.

  1. Church

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    So, I bought a Beretta PX4 Storm today and when I was cleaning it, I noticed one of the take down buttons was stuck in the take down position. I tried to push it up and pop it in to place, but to no avail. I called the gun shop I bought it from and they said to bring it in and they would have their technician look at it. I don't plan to shoot it with one of the take down buttons stuck. I'm wondering if anyone who has purchased a Storm has experienced this issue, or if it is just a fluke?
  2. Olympus

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    I had a Storm right after they first came out. Great gun and I had no problems with it. More than likely just a fluke. Some tight tolerances probably have something in a bind. I wouldn't sweat it. Take it back to your shop and have them give it a look.

  3. Firearm007

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    My PX4 storm SC TYPE F is flawless i never had any issues whatsoever. However i sold mine to get a Sig P238 :D