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    Can I get some opinions about the PWS Enhanced buffer tube and spring and H buffer? I have the opportunity to purchase a slightly used combo that my plan was to add this to my Adams Arms carbine system because I was in need of a better buffer and was also looking at the Spikes ST-T2 alone to fix an issue with rapid fire jams, other than that the gun works great! So I do t know if you guys had any experience with either products and any recommendations???? I think just getting the spikes ST-T2 alone would be great but the PWS ENHANCED BUFFER TUBE looks like it may help In The long run for the piston system or is this a waste?? Any Adams reps feel free to kick in ??


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  2. jjfuller1

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    looks like its a do all fix all.. too bad there werent any problems to begin with.. umm id just go with the spikes buffer unless you wanna try something new. but thats just me

  3. okdonk

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    I use Spike's T2 on all mine. Work great! But i'm tempted to try out the Vltor kit as it has good reviews.
  4. fsted2a

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    If I were putting together a premium AR from the ground up, I might start with the PWS buffer tube assembly just to complement the other premium parts, but I wouldn't spend that much extra dough to fix a problem. Since PWS manufactures their own piston system though, it just might compliment your Adams Arms piston system. When you are talking rapid fire jams, are you bumpfiring? If so, you might look at your bolt extractor as the culprit. I just hate to see someone spend a buttload of money for a supposed "fix", when some troubleshooting might reveal a repair that is a lot cheaper. I'm not saying don't get the PWS buffer parts, just don't be disappointed if it isn't the solution you thought. I put all of my guns together myself, (assembled/build-pick which term you want to use) and when I put a piston system together, I try to pick out parts that compliment the system. I use adjustable gas blocks, heavy barrels and heavy buffers. Soon I will start using upper receivers with no forward assist as the reduced drag from removing the gas rings renders them non applicable. I have considered using POF's bolt key as it is suppose to be a lot smoother action. Bottom line: I strongly recommend you troubleshoot the problem before you start throwing parts at it. That comes from being an Army mechanic for 20 years.