Pvt. Trents first big game hunt

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    Dads always like to tell a story like this. The story of their son or daughters first big game harvest.

    In this case it was my son Trent and a antelope hunt up in Wyoming. We were hunting in an area of flat top mesa's that had rocky sides. The ranch we were on was pretty full of hunters but the land owner said that there were a few goats (as he called them) over on the other side of the road which was also part of his ranch. We had to climb the rocky sided mesa's to find them but what the heck. Working for your game is the way we like it. I don't remember how many mesa's we climbed but we were in our White Elephant (Our 1974 Ford Econoline Van) when we spotted three antelope on the side of the mesa. We had just a minute or two to get out of the Van and load up and shoot. The range was about 100 yards but the antelope were moving. And the shots would be shooting at an angle up. They couldn't run very fast because of the boulders and rocks covering the sides of the mesa but they evidently knew the paths that lead up to the top. Trent jumped out and loaded his British 303 (sporterized by him) and I jumped out on the drivers side and ran around the back of the Van so we wouldn't be shooting to close to each other. We had doe licenses and all three were does.
    Trent threw his rifle up and shot but the antelope kept on running. I tossed a shot at the animal and it went down. We ran up to the doe and I found two holes in it. Trents shot went in under the lower rib and up through the heart and killed it. My shot hit it in the head and killed a dead animal. If I had held my shot the antelope would have maybe made a couple more jumps and then fell down. I was so excited for my son that I grabbed my knife and started to field dress the doe. Then I stopped and handed Trent the knife and said. "What am I doing cleaning this animal, you killed it" Trent had only seen the doe drop when I shot and didn't know that his shot had hit also. I showed him the small enterance hole and then as he field dressed it I showed him the destroyed heart. He was just besides himself with happiness. Talk about Father-Son bonding, we became fellow big game hunters that day.

    Sarge and his hunter son.
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    sarge_257: Sir, I missed this one. Thanks for sharing:)