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Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by clip11, Mar 21, 2010.

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    Im about to come of probation for safety inspection of a pistol, a 90 day misdemeanor. I want to know if I can still get a permit to purchase a handgun in Michigan. I know that the police might try to hassle me when I go to get a purchase permit because quite frankly, here in Detroit, the police do not want anyone with a handgun and will try in every way to prevent you from having one. So I want to make sure I have my facts straight before I go to get a purchase permit.

    I just want to know my rights in being able to legally own a handgun. Thank you
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    Best bet to be certain is to contact a lawyer in your county or state. Make sure he/she is competent in firearms law. Any answers you get here are worth what you paid for them and you pay the penalty if we're wrong. :eek:

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    A misdemeanor cannot effect your rights to purchase a handgun unless it is a misdemeanor involving violence.There may be a time period after your conviction that you have to wait until you may purchase a gun,but i'm not sure.Ultimatley a non violent mideameanor will not effect your gun rights whether it be long gun or handgun,it's just that when you buy a handgun in Michigan,they run your name more thouroughly before they give you a pistol purchasing permit if I am not mistaken.On a good note,if there are mistakes,or things on your record that need to be corrected,the courts can change or remove things off your record the same day through the computer system,that's what happened to me.I was denied a pistol permit because I had a violence misdemeanor on my record,but come to find out there was a note that came up on the background check with the denial,so the sherriffs office called the courts,and come to find out,the charges were actually dropped 11 years previous,so the court made the correction and when they re ran the background check,I was approved and got my pistol permit that day.
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    You may have more success in getting your question answered if you post it here: MGO Community Forum I would expect gun owners in the state of Michigan to have a better handle on your situation than this national forum. Hope that you get the answer that you're looking for. :rolleyes: