Punched a lot of holes in paper with Father In Law today

Discussion in 'Range Report' started by partdeux, Nov 12, 2011.

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    First time I've ever gone through that much ammo in one visit, and it was a blast.

    my XDM9/C I've struggled a LOT with the trigger. Someone at the club made an off the wall suggestion and it worked! YEA, but it reinforces the fact I need to drift the sights over a bit :( About 300+ rounds through this gun alone

    SWMBO P22 finally has an ammo it will consistently and happily eat. The only problem, the first round won't chamber on it's own, need a bit of help.

    my ruger 22/45, I keep getting better and better with the iron sights. Sometimes I wonder if I should put a red dot on it. I'm pretty consistently hitting a 1" grouping at 21'.

    Which leads me to my FIL's Double 9 .22. I really wanted to shoot it, it's a pretty revolver. But what a piece of crap. He was barely able to keep it on the 15x15" paper. So I tried, immediately after doing my best grouping of the day with my 22/45. I couldn't get any better then 6". I may try some of the competition .22 in it next time.

    FIL's 38. He hates that gun, says he could empty it and distract the bad guy enough to hit him with his cane... But, he has only shot ammo a friend hand loaded in it, and the ammo was loaded just short of catastrophic failure. So, we stopped and got him some commercial ammo. His accuracy was pretty good with it. But, after we had put everything in the car, I realized I forgot to shoot the gun myself {sigh}. Excuse to go shooting again next week :)

    Had a BLAST, and we may do the whole thing over again next saturday as the women hit the Christmas craft shows :) I did find there was a point when my accuracy started falling off. So it was time to quit for the day.
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    It sounds like a pretty good day.