Public Range in Appleton?

Discussion in 'Wisconsin Gun Forum' started by AntonE, Jan 30, 2013.

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    Does anyone know of a public range NOT sponsored or owned by a club? I'm a member of the Twin City Rod and Gun Club, but would like to find a quiet unmanned range. I live in Holcombe, just North of Eau Claire, but have a condo in Neenah. I shoot at a range built on an old landfill in Cornell. Nice and quiet and quick to stop in and practice 100 rounds. Just looking for the same by Appleton.
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    go to Shiocton, its a nice range, Paper targets only, its a 3 or 5 dollar donation, which is cheap, and you can shoot all day, it also has a nice archery range with elevated stands, there is a 200 yrd range, 400 or 500 yrd range, pistol range, nice tables (about 10) and the local police check in now and then to make sure things are safe and they don't bother you unless you don't follow the rules, the range is right next to the city park, and anyone in town can direct you to it, and they have back stops and target racks, but you can use your own if you like, please clean up after yourself!
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    I concur with what everyone said about the Shiocton range. Very nice place to shoot and all we do is leave a donation in the range box. My wife is from Shiocton so I shoot there often.

    Please clean up your mess after shooting as some talk is going around about closing the range due to it being to close to town and the mess people leave there.

    Please respect the rules or we won't have a free place to shoot.