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    I have been putting some thought into getting a PTR 91. I always wanted an HK91, but there is that little issue of a $2,500 price on a 20 year old used gun. Anyway, I have been looking and reading up on the PTR (PTR91Inc). The gun sounds like a good option, but, and there is always a but, the devil is in the details. The gun is American, sorta kinda. A lot of German and surplus parts. German is not so bad, but surplus is a broad stroke. The warranty is a year. I like lifetime warranties, or even those vague "we stand behind our product" statements. PTR is one year, and nothing after that. Their site tells you that after one year they will not repair your gun, you will be refered to a gunsmith. That I have never heard from any company. But if the gun never breaks, who cares. Anyway, does anybody have a PTR? Not the CETME, that's plan B. How has it worked out?
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    I have a PTR91 in 308! I love it. Bought a better than I am scope for it and I could not be any happier with the purchase. Now for the rest of the story. I purchased a SA SAR with the green hardware about a month later. It was used and I got one heck of a buy on it so just could not pass it up! The SAR is more accurate, shoots smoother, feels better and I am one heck of a lot more accurate with it. If you buy the PTR91, here is a clue! Buy it through Davidson's Gallery of Guns and get a lifetime warranty from Davidson's that takes care of the gun after the manufacturer's warranty runs out. JMHO!! Look on their website and it will give you an FFL that is in your area.

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    Superb design, reliable, accurate, under-rated...

    I have PTR's MSG-91, their "Perimeter Rifle," a mid-range (800yd) sniper rifle. Flawless tack driver, that is my MBR. I've had M1A Super Matches in the past, and I prefer the PTR MSG-91, hands down. With the PWS FSC HK Threaded Barrel Compensator, recoil is much less than my former M1A Super Matches. Likewise, the weapon can safely use heavier bullets, than can the M1A... Ease of mounting a tactical scope, Leupold Mk 4 MRT w/LaRue Tactical SPR / M4 Scope Mount QD LT-104, is enabled by the integral Picatinny rail on the upper portion of the receiver... Ability to mount lights, lasers, various sensors upon the forehand guard is made possible with add-on rails. My weapon has Harris' best 6-9" bipod, w/Grip-Pod mounted aft. Total versatility, for CQB out to max effective range.

    It's nice that so many like/love the M1A in all it's incarnations, but the PTR rifles are more robust, less prone to breakage. Being not tied down to a much smaller pool of ammo, is also a valid consideration. Personally, I prefer the ergonomics of the PTR/H&K G91 over the M1A.

    Cost-wise, the PTR's ready availability of high quality magazines is impossible to beat, compared to the M1A. Repair parts for the PTR rifles is much more "reasonable" than that of the M1A. Variety of ammo types, from bullet weight to configuration, is also greater...

    What's not to like?

    My sub-MOA PTR MSG-91 so impressed me, that I bought it's lighter "little brother," the PTR 32KFR, chambered in 7.62X39. Using match grade ammo, it too, is sub-MOA, and has all the virtues and attributes of the MSG-91... Out to 400yds, it meets my CQB needs, and then some...

    I've had AR15s in 5.56 and 6.8SPC, M1A Super Matches, and various and sundry AKs. NOTHING will ever take the place of my PTRs... Some day, I'll acquire PTR's Super Sniper, have it threaded for suppressor, and really be a happy camper...

    Do I endorse the PTR line of weapons? You betcha, wholeheartedly...

    Glockcurmudgeon, out...
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    G3 Conversion with PTR91 parts

    This may not be germane to the discussion of PTR91 except the gunsmith who built my 91 (Charlie Jones) used an Enfield G3 parts kit that was unshot, and PTR lower. This guy built me a superior 91. It shoots good and looks great. Have not scoped it yet but groups are tight at 100m. Very tight tolerances for a long life. If you are still looking, his web site is Pegasus Ordnance: Home Page where he sells parts and accessories. You could drop him a line and ask if he would build you one from these British kits. By the way, considerably less than the price you mentioned above. And he told me he would back what he made. Friends of mine that recommended him say he is ethical.