PTG tooling up for Howa Vanguard performance parts

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    Pacific Tool & Gauge Inc. - Howa Performance Parts

    Looks like Howa/Vanguard fans can expect high grade support sometime this year from Pacific Tool. How about Howa fans chime in with what you would like to see???

    #1 - Side bolt stop kit without a thru pin, hate the hole on top. The Howa rear bridge is cut shorter than R700, but the button can be flipped and may work. Of course I need to find a 'smith willing to deal with Howa's investment casting. It's apparently harder than Remy steel and tougher on tool steel. Know anybody???

    #2 - AICS mag compatible detachable bottom metal minus the plow lever release. Prefer ambidextrous side levers. Long action for both 30-06/300wm and 300wby/338LAP.

    #3 - Confirmed via email they will look into precision bolts this summer.