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    First post here, I joined to find out about american gun laws.
    You see I'm from Australia and gun laws over here are ridiculous. When gun laws where introduced it was originally to oversee the documentation of guns and people using guns, and to ensure guns could no longer find there way into the hands of criminals.
    A government buy back scheme was put forward to entice people to hand in there fire arms at a more than reasonable price. In turn this has reduced the number of firearms in australia. Since then crime rate has not been affected by this, The number of deaths has not dropped in our country and there is still just as many illegal firearms on the streets.
    Since 1996 when the gun laws came in, what started as a gun safety coarse and education on correct storage of firearms has now turned into strict, harsh and ridiculous laws to make it nearly impossible for an everyday law abiding citizen to own a fire arm.
    I am a current firearms licence holder and I abide by these ever so increasingly tight laws. To own a pistol in australia is not even worth the hassel and paperwork needed to obtain it. The conditions upon keeping a pistol are beyond any normal australian citizen.

    I will list some of the laws that are in place.

    *Any firearms license holder has to store all guns and ammunition in a securely locked safe that is either fixed or heavy enough to not be moved, ammunition has to be stored in a second locked safe/box separate to firearms.

    *A police officer can enter your place of residents or property at any time of any day to inspect the safe storage of firearms. If the police deem the storage to be not suitable or for another occupant of the residents knows where the key is, then you will be prosecuted and most likely loose all of your guns and can face imprisonment. Same for having ammunition not locked or secure.

    *Pistol owners not only have to be a member of a pistol club, but they are actually required to shoot at a club event once a month and provide a logbook signed by an authorised person in the pistol club to prove such shooting is done.

    This is only some of our laws which seem to be getting tuffer and tuffer by the day. If America has ideas to dis-arm there citizens as Australia has, My advice is to start now because if it gets to the stage where we started then there is little chance of reversing any of these laws.
    Just my 2cents

    I copied this reply from another thread I posted in. Just thought I'd post it in a different thread for everyone to read
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    Thank you for the post and update on some of the Austrilian Firearms Laws. Obama and his supporters are working hard to disarm America. Their biggest push now seems to be getting the United Nations Small Arms Treaty approved and ratified by the U.S. Senate before the Americal gun owners learn of all the restrictions it contains for sales and ownership of firearms and ammunition and what guns are outright banned from private ownership which includes all semi-automatic weapons.

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    I'll sum it up for you as to the situation here as to a matter of fact.

    1) The government would like very much to have our guns.

    2) They can't have them.

    3) If they try to confiscate or register them....all hell will break loose.

    4) The government is well aware of fact #3.

    The last time the Constitution did not work was 1861 see (#3) for the next possible malfunction.