Pros & Cons of press checks

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  1. Pasquanel

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    I realized early on that most AD happened with "empty weapons" so today all mine are loaded all the time. That there is no doubt, if it's in my house it's loaded! I have raised four children and have ten grandkids and they all know all of the guns in this house are loaded!
  2. JimRau

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    It is easier and safer to 'gun proof' your kids than it is to 'kid proof' your guns!!!;)
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  3. Ghost1958

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    I handle my guns whenever I want. Just personally I believe if one cant handle, holster etc their firearm without setting the thing off, one likely needs more experience handling firearms.

    That being said , I dont need to do press checks as every firearm in my house is loaded and chambered except the deer rifle and the muzzle loader.
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    Our days around here with having "Big Wheel motors" present are limited to just a few holidays and weekends, so only a couple handguns are loaded, yet secured when the "motors" are around. The 12 gauge has 8 buckshot and slug rounds resting in the magazine tube, and waiting patiently, with just one pump to activate to the ready mode. None of the "squirts" have reaches long enough to pump the shotgun yet.
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    Have the same big wheel mc come around here occasionally lol.

    All the firearms are in a case in our bedroom, where the wheels cant go.

    Except my edc which is always on me .
    And my son carrys, so there are actually two of us with guns on body when the wheels show up lol.
  6. Trunk Monkey

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    The only problem I have with this in general js that children have poor impulse control and all the training in the world won't change that.

    Research indicates the human brain, specifically the prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain that processes rational thought, doesn't fully develop until approximately 25 years of age.

    Granted, some develop earlier some later but in general a juvenile's world is ruled by their amygdala. That's the part of the brain that tells the kid (against all better judgement and training) that it's OK to sneak out of the house and steal dad's car.

    Train the kid but lock up the guns.
  7. SSGN_Doc

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    That, and I can train mine, but what about the friends they bring home?
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    If you are unfamiliar with pistols doing things like "press checks" etc are going to increase your chances of an AD. Get in the practice of keeping it loaded and get a good holster/belt. Unecessary fiddling with a gun is what causes problems...not keeping it loaded.
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  9. Mercator

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    I don’t press check my small CC gun because the slide will close with less than full force of the spring. Call it OCD or whatever, I need to fire a round then to be sure the next one is in battery.

    Press checking is a legacy procedure for duty guns, it makes little sense with a personal protection piece.
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  10. TelstaR

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    No press checks here..