Proof there are still people that appreciate our Veterans

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    I am SO PROUD to call this group of people my friends, no scratch that my FAMILY! I am a long time member of a forum called 12 years ago it was a small group that loved going to the sand dunes in California. I actually met my husband via that site in a roundabout way, and we had a HUGE party/wedding 8 amazing years ago in Glamis. Over the years it has grown to 60K+ members strong and has some of the most amazing people I have had the pleasure of meeting in my life. We would go to the dunes a few times a month, we had toys and life was pretty good for everyone. We saw our little group explode into a few hundred strong in one camping area and a few thousand strong on holidays.

    In 2004 we (unknowingly at the time) decided we were going to make a ride to an old flagpole that was flying a weather worn American flag an annual tradition. We found who had the keys to the lock and there was 6-8 veterans with us and we changed Old Glory to a new flag that flew high and proud! The next year (our group begun the growth like crazy around this time) we had easily double the amount of Veterans, it was officially a MUST GO trip every year after that. Last year there was easily 150+ Veterans and each year we have a whole ceremony explaining the meaning of Veterans Day, presentation of custom made "Challenge Coins" and most importantly, each and every Veteran is asked to come up, speak their years of service, branch and they are ALL given a handshake/hug/THANK YOU!

    It is a sight to see with many people in recent years bringing their grandparent that served (we are talking a really remote area, gotta ride there through the dunes), spouses/family members accepting on behalf of the fallen and it really gives us the chance to say thank you to them.

    We follow up with a big potluck at camp and the Marines cutting of the cake by an honorary sword and the youngest Marine and serving the oldest present Marine.

    So here are a couple videos from past years to give you an idea:

    Well fast forward, economy tanked back in 2007 or so and now is starting to rebound. There is an anonymous person(s) on the site that goes by the GlamisDunes Fairy. The GDF has sent money, gift cards, gas cards, made donations to charities in others name etc. with out an expectation of repayment except try and pay it forward with another act of kindness. This past weekend was the Sand Sport Super Show in CA and many come together to say HI, get ready for the season, and we have a group pic at noon on Saturday.

    Well this year the GDF was up to his random act of kindness tricks and he hit it out of the park. The recipient in this video is a good friend of mine and both him and his wife served in the military for many years.


    This is probably a 2500.00 bike and WOW. Just a way that the GDF and many that donated their time or money wanted to say THANKS to a Veteran and his wife, and say "see you at the dunes!" . It is custom painted with his name, years of service etc.

    It's not hard y'all, just try a little something to thank a vet or simply do a little something kind for your family or neighbor or complete stranger.

    Thanks for reading!


    PS--sorry for worlds longest post....
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    no need to be sorry! that is simply awesome indeed! our veterans, past and present, need to be recognized and honored for their services and sacrifices.

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    NOT the longest post here by any means- and thank you!

    That looks like a HOOT! Please accept the thought for the deed, and hoist a cold one for me next time.
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    Sounds like a good time.

    Thank you for your dedication to those who deserve so much yet expect nothing.

    (For the record, having never deployed to combat, I do not personally count myself in that group of Veterans. I know many will disagree with that, but that's just how I feel)
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    That is truly outstanding, Thank you so much for sharing!!!
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    QG, thank you for sharing this, and thank you to all of the members of your group for what they do to honor veterans. My dad was in the Marine Corps for a little over 22 years, so I grew up around veterans and their families. I know first hand how it feels to wonder if that person who means so much and asks so little will be coming home. It is not easy for those who serve and those who wait for them. I thank every vet that I meet, and I thank their family members as well. Tell your friends to keep up the good work, and pass my thanks on to them as well.

    And to all on here who are serving, have served, and the parents, grandparents, children, and spouses. Thank you for your service to our country.
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    From a Veteran, Thank You !...................