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    I bought a rifle at a garage sale for $20, it was missing the bolt, trigger guard and rear sight elevator.
    JC Higgins model 41 (Marlin 100/101). I decided to try and build a cheap youth trainer rifle, by shrinking the dimensions and then refinishing the wood and steel. I think it turned out pretty good

    Here is what I started with:


    and here it is finished:


    Blog posts with more pictures documenting the changes
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    That's some fine work there.

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    Those are a good full size manual single shot.
    At age ten I got a Marlin Glenfield model 10 for Christmas, after a crown job, it was a pretty good hunting rifle, the best shot Id ever made was taking a bird at 76 paces out the top swaying branch of a very old maple tree, timeing the sway of the branch at that distance was tough.
    After 6 years the bolt handle started to work loose, I had it brazed in place
    It was my main racoon hunting rifle for many years, those crude stamped metal sights work pretty good for night shooting coons out trees using a 6 volt lantern.

    Years later I picked up a JC Higgins model 41, it had issues. The main one was its bobbed barrel, and shortend stock (it must have been built to a 5 year old. One the first things was getting that short barrel off of it, Numrich had a decent Marlin 101 barrel and a nice used stock.
    Thinking on it, I dug out the super short stock it came with, (tiny) I never threw it out, just a little bit ago I stuck the now stock length barrel in it, when I got it in its shorty Kid size, it was perfectly proportioned, judging from the current size you can figure just how short the barrel must have been.

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