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    To: Brian Downey, Senate Judicary Committee Staff

    Dear Mr. Downey,

    Charlie Harman, Chief of Staff for Sen. Saxby Chambliss tells us you are the appropriate Senate Judiciary Committee contact to discuss "Project Gunwalker" with, and says he has already forwarded some relevant documentation to you. Here's why:

    ATF employees are looking to come forward and provide testimony and documentation about guns being illegally transported to Mexico, with management cognizance, in order to pad numbers and justify Project Gunrunner expansion. This includes gun stores being used to allow illegal sales to proceed. Additionally, the gun used in the recent killing of a Border Patrol agent is alleged to be one of the guns involved. My colleagues and I working to bring this to light are told the Mexican authorities have been intentionally kept in the dark about this, with the approval to do so coming from Washington, and protests have been overridden.

    In order for these people to come forward, they require whistle-blower protection. Because the allegations involve high levels in Washington, they require the extra protection afforded through separation of powers, rather than going directly to a US Attorney reporting to Justice.

    Here are some background summaries for you to start at, which contain additional links for further information:
    Once you can guarantee their safety when our sources talk to you, you will have the opportunity to fully validate the reliability of their testimony and documentation for yourself.

    Understand that representatives from major media are aware of this situation and we have let them know our sources want to open up under protection of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Here is what I am telling reporters asking about this:


    We have several media folks who have noticed this. Here's where we are and what I can personally tell you without saying more than I should at this time:

    Our guys are not in position to talk to the media yet, preferring to speak to a senator or congressman. We're working on getting the story out that way, although if we don't get movement soon they'll probably have no choice but to reconsider a direct media route.

    Here's a place to start--aside from the links in my latest. Mike Vanderboegh just released a timeline at:
    Sipsey Street Irregulars: Sources, Timeline & Summary of the ATF "Project Gunwalker" scandal and the death of BP agent Brian Terry.

    Per Mike: "Urge them to use their own sources. With the clues in the Timeline, they can easily track down some of these guys themselves."

    One that he's referring to:

    "(REDACTED) former attache to Mexico is an honest and honorable guy. He was forcefully removed from Mexico w o warning in Nov in large part because he wouldn't sit silent on these matters. He will tell the truth if asked by competent authority. He retired Dec 31 because of all this."

    Again per Mike: "I believe that if we can get the Timeline and Summary out there, the Senators will fold by afternoon."

    That's one way a reporter could expedite things.

    Sorry to sound so evasive, but I'm not the one taking the really big risks here.

    I will make sure our sources have your contact info. and let them know you're asking about this. If you have anything you'd like me to pass along to them, let me know and I will.


    But also understand that so far, attempts to generate interest among various senate and congressional staffers over the past few days has been a frustrating experience of evasiveness and deflection, and that also is being documented. There is far too much at stake for the brave people who are putting themselves on the line to let this continue. To do so is inexcusable. That's why this is being sent to you as an open letter, published on the Internet to apprise the media and interested citizens of the efforts we are taking to bring this matter to light.

    What do we tell our guys, Mr. Downey? How can we get this process started where they can safely prove themselves to the Senate Judiciary Committee?

    You can contact me at dcodreaAThotmailDOTcom [Phone # redacted in posted version] or Mike Vanderboegh at georgemason1776ATaolDOTcom [Phone # redacted in posted version]

    Please advise by today, 5:00PM EST so we can pass that information along to our sources and let them know if they can disclose what they know under Committee protection, or if they need to consider other avenues of disclosure.


    David Codrea

    I'd like to hear the thoughts of folks here on this.
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    If he can't get traction in Washington, I'm guessing it's because it makes no one look good.
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    This would be a huge blow to the governments claims to firearms control.
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    the government doesnt want to deal with the illegal alien issue or admit that banning drugs is a bad idea. everywhere that has a non-restrictive access to drugs (taking the crime out) has resulted in less drug use more rehab attendance and a general end tot he extreme violence associated with illegal smuggling of any any product.

    there is a lot of folks that make a sht ton of money by keeping drugs illegal. it keeps the prisons full and the pockets lined of the prison industry. we pay for it in money and blood.

    keeping the violence going lets the democrats and republicans continue their policies of bilking the taxpayers of billions of dollars. both sides garner votes and power. the democrats using the border crime as a means of gun control is just a small side benefit to them.

    it really doesnt touch the real issues of drug crime and illegal aliens. politicians on both sides have too much at stake to actually fix the issue.
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    is it not issues like this that lead people to support a man like Julian Assange and his Wikileaks site....??
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    I'm 38 now and as far back as I can remember the US Gov't has been at "war" on drugs, crime, guns ... and so on. I'm just wondering what the end game is - at what point in time will the people demand an end to these "wars" or force the Gov't to prove some actual results?

    It's one thing for the Gov't to cost the people loss of money with their ineptness and politics, but it's quite another when lives are being lost. :mad:
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    This would remove the lever the banners have to work toward confiscation and an all out gun ban in the United States. Don't expect any movement on this, conservatives have their hands full with Health Care. It is likely it will be allowed to die, as it would leave the ATF and Congress with egg on their faces just as the Global Warming scientists who promoted their research based on fabricated data.
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    It's not that I'm not interested, I've read it. It is symptomatic of a corrupt government and further proof that it is not only out of control, but that both Parties are rogue and immoral.

    Unless we can gain more traction in the next election and actually elect people with integrity and values, the Country is doomed.

    I will continue to do my best, but at times I seriously doubt that we can ever restore our Republic.
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    I have been following it sense it first broke, and I was not going to post anything on it until all the eggs were in one basket so as not to get people riled up with out just cause.
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    Welcome to the dirty war, first create the problem then offer to be the solution to that problem.
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    first step: Ron Paul Sr. for president

    it even sounds good;)
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    Hell I'll drink to that.
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    This is really good to see. Click on the links and read the letters from Sen Grassley


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    I like this Mr Grassley ;)
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    Way to go Chuck!

    Here is a message I sent to the senator's office:

    I'd like to suggest that we all contact his office and let him know that we appreciate someone in Washington taking action on this.
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    This was on Ammoland.

    AmmoLand Shooting Sports News

    Senator Grassley Presses BATFE On Project Gunrunner

    FAIRFAX, Va. --( Pointing to documentation that guns used by Mexican nationals in a shootout with Border Patrol agents were allowed to be sold under suspicious circumstances with the knowledge of the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, U.S. Senator Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) is calling on the agency to fully respond to his inquiries into the case.

    Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed in that encounter on Dec. 14 of last year.

    Grassley has called the response of BATFE to his original letter on inquiry “little more than delay and denial.”

    Assistant Attorney General Ronald Weich responded to Grassley on Feb. 4 denying the allegations.

    Senator Grassley on Feb. 9 wrote Attorney General Eric Holder to again request that BATFE cooperate with his investigation, writing “the Terry family deserves answers.”

    Grassley stated in the letter that he has documentation for his allegations.

    “The whistleblowers have expressed a desire to honor agent Terry’s memory by disclosing this information. The Justice Department should work to do the same. The best way to honor his memory is to come clean.”

    Senator Grassley has demonstrated that he is determined to uncover the truth regarding BATFE’s investigative tactics, even as BATFE seems intent on shutting down his investigation. BATFE has accused Grassley of conducting a “partisan” investigation and has even gone so far as to ask that Senate Judiciary Committee staff stop talking to law enforcement personnel.

    Since Agent Terry’s killing, BATFE has denied the allegations regarding its investigations while at the same time claiming that a shortage of manpower and resources prevents the agency from accounting for all the firearms it is tracking.

    The obvious question is: Did BATFE have no involvement with the firearms involved in the shootout, or did it lack the manpower to do its job effectively?

    Either way, the BATFE’s desire to mandate reporting of multiple long gun sales by border area firearms dealers is questionable since BATFE seems incapable of managing the criminal leads it already has and unwilling to submit to constitutionally mandated Congressional oversight.

    ATF to Require Multiple Sales Reports for Long Guns
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    BAT FECES, oh wait,I spelled that wrong, BATFE is one agency(among many) that is NOTHING but a useless drain on the taxpayers! Dissolve them I say!!!
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    Don't complain the war FOR poverity is going great! I used to have a little money now the thieves in DC have got it all and I don't have enough to pay attention:mad:
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    It made CBS News last nite and again this morning. I'm sure they only hit the tip of the iceberg but it was informative and placed BATF in a pretty precarious position. I just wrote to both Wa Senators to enlist support for Sen Grassely's investigation.
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