Prograde ammo and XDs 9 3.3

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    This is the ammo:

    First time shooting the handgun so this was really a test run for the firearm, which turned into a test for the ammo.

    100 rounds 147gr, 50 rounds 124gr, 50 rounds 115gr, all plated round nose, plus 14 rounds Critical Duty. 40ft to target shooting at VisiShot reactive targets (I think that's what they are called).

    I'm not including pictures as that would be a bit embarrassing. I'll start with the good part, not a single failure of any kind, gun went bang every time and bullets left the barrel. The SD ammo grouped in 6"- 8" groups at 40', that would be about my shooting ability (I can shoot a little better if I really try).

    Now for the bad part, I started off with the 147gr as I was thinking it would shoot soft and be a nice heavy round to break in the gun. After my first mag I was wondering if the targets were defective as I couldn't see a hit. Second mag I got 1 on the paper! I was not happy, I have shot 2k3k rounds out of multiple different firearms over the past year or so and I can at least hit center mass on a silhouette at 40'. A guy near me had a nice collection of 1911's, XDm's, Glocks and Sig's and was grouping all his weapons very nicely. I asked him if he'd like to try my weapon, 7 rounds he got 3 on the paper... He then put in his own mag with Winchester White Box, grouped 2"- 3". At the next ceasefire I placed 3 targets across and 2 high (stapled to pallets) to make a six pack of targets.

    The 147gr mostly grouped 12" low and 3"- 6" left with the occasional flyer 12" - 18" somewhere else completely. The 124gr was a little better but still shot low and was very inconsistent with regular flyers. The 115gr was the only round I could reasonably hit anything with, I could keep 5 out of 7 rounds on a target...

    This is by no means a scientific conclusion, because A, I suck and B, it was my first time with a very small pistol. I "think" this ammo has a very slow burning powder and is not good in a sub compact with the 147gr barely falling out of the barrel. The brass was all clean and so were the rounds. The gun also seems pretty clean but I haven't cleaned it yet. Also every round went bang so they use quality primers. I think I will email the company and ask their opinion.

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