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    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and this is my first post. I thought I'd introduce myself by listing a few AR-related accessories that I would love to experiment with in the near future. Just wanted some feedback from you guys on the selections, especially if you've had experience with them. I'm sure I will learn a lot from your teachings.

    1. Next Generation Arms X7: It's a high-quality, top-of-the-line carbine. Everything put into it is the best in its class, in my humble opinion. The upper and lower marry each other perfectly, reliability is superb mostly because of internal/external ceramic coatings and a strong buffer assembly, and thanks to a new compensator the recoil is tamed considerably. Oh, and it weighs under 7 pounds. DefenseReview has written positive articles on it, and demonstrations of its potential can also be found on YouTube. I'm all for building your own AR, but I can almost promise you that you're not gonna get the same result as the X7. It's a lot of cash to drop at one time, but I'd personally say it's worth it in the long run. I don't know what barrel length would be ideal because I actually have very little experience with the AR-15. But I have truly fallen in love with this gun and it's gonna take a lot of persuasion to change my mind!

    2. Troy Industries BattleMag: From what I understand it's a potential PMAG-killer. Basically it's a 30-round polymer magazine that has yet to prove itself but nonetheless has very impressive statistics. Extremely reliable with a great outer texture. I saw a torture-test video where people shot it up, froze it solid, and ran over it empty. Zero failures and the bolt always locked back after the final shot. Feed lips are apparently better protected than a PMAG as well. A built-in, removable pull-tab is also a nice feature. Something to look into, I guess.

    3. Magpul B.A.D. Lever: This device has a lot of potential, and for a while I decided that it was a must-have. Then a few days back my entire attitude about it changed when I watched a review and noticed an alarming amount of play. It was wobbling all over the place, which is one thing I can NOT stand when it comes to a rifle accessory. I'm sure it adds unnecessary weight (however miniscule), and also I know for a fact that it gets in the way of your trigger finger when you rest it outside of the trigger guard. But it does its job and gets good reviews, so I'm up in the air about it. I'm sure many of you have had at least some experience with it, so are these problems serious?

    4. LWRC Skirmish Sights: These caught my eye more than any Troy sight I looked at. LWRC has a near-flawless reputation, and I'm sure these are no exception. Love the HK look. How do you guys think they'd stack up against Troy BUIS?

    5. Aimpoint Micro T-1: I have always been more fond of Aimpoint than I am of Eotech, though I am sure they are both great companies. Aimpoint just seems to build a stronger, lighter, and more reliable sight. The Micro is particulary impressive because it's extremely lightweight, combined with an impressive battery life. I am under the impression that the H-1 is identical to the T-1 except for its lack of night-vision capability. This is another product that I'm sure some of you have used. Is it as awesome as it comes across to be?

    6. Black Hills Ammunition Mk262 Mod 1: I'm unclear as to whether or not this is available to civilians, but it certainly is very impressive ammunition. I was watching a guy consistently hit a target 600 yards away with a 16" barrel! If there's one round I'd want to chamber the X7 in, I think it deserves a Navy-designated 77-grain precision cartridge. Is it even legal?

    That's about it. Sorry if my selection is a little unusual. They're just things that popped out at me. If you have any information or experience it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone, and I look forward to learning new things!


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    Very interesting.....


    Troy Industries BattleMag.

    [ame=]‪Troy Battle Mag Destructive Testing‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]
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    Thanks for the ammo link and the video post! Always good to see technology at its finest. That's why I've chosen the AR-15 for my next project: in my opinion it's the most ergonomic platform out there, as well as low-recoil and extremely accurate. Reliability isn't a problem either, and cartridge options are abundant.

    If someone thinks there's a better platform out there, or if I have my facts messed up, please let me know!
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    I put a BAD lever on every AR I own. Well except the .22. I've never had a problem w/ it getting in the way.

    The Aimpoint micros are probably the best RDSs on the market.

    Id stick w/ a BCM, DD, Colt, or KAC.

    I havent tried the Troy mags yet.