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Procuring Good Quality Flints

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I'd like to know a retail source of high quality flints, to be utilized for show (not shooting), in flintlock muskets of the Revolution and pre Civil War era. Also, can anyone offer the proper way to fit a flint to the hammer of a flintlock weapon?

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The English flints are the best - keeps all sizes in stock from the small pistol flints to the muskets. They have a full range of other products and a great and helpful tech staff. If you get good flints and the lock is tuned right you should get a long life out of the flint without it shattering. The English flints also give off great sparks.

You have to knap the stone to fit the lock. There are general specs for each size lock. The leather should come to the end of the upper and lower jaw.

Some rocks work better bevel up, some down. depends on the lock.

Sorry bro there isnt a one size fits all answer.

This was the first flint that was in my lock. As you can see the leather is too long. I was in a hurry to touch her off :D

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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