Problems with my new 700 Varmint

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by bheath0881, May 14, 2012.

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    I'm new to the forum, but there seems to be good info here so i thought that i'd post my question. I bought a new 700 ADL Varmint. I can not for the life of me get it shoot a group. Both my brother and I have tried, we are experienced shooters, so I'm sure it's the rifle. I have tried two different scopes, two sets of mounts, check the tightness on all mount screws and the bottom bolts also, they all seem to be set right. A little about what the rifle is doing... When the scopes first go on, I fire a round and make the necessary adjustment. The second round will go in the expected area of the adjustment. But the following next few rounds move up and right (up to 5" at 100 yds). After going down to the 100 yard mark and looking closer at the target and then returning (rifle has cooled), the strike of the round goes back down towards the original intended area and moves back up and right on the following shots. So my thoughts are that it has something to do with the cheap stock. But i'm not certain and would love some feedback. If i am correct, how is Remington about fixing this problem. I know the adl is not best rifle they make, but it is the same barreled action just on a cheaper stock. 5 MOA is certainly not acceptable and I'm sure they realize that. Any comments would be appreciated, let me know if you need some more info to help my diagnose this, i'd be happy to provide it.
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    It sounds like the barrel may be touching the stock somewhere.
    Have you looked to see if the barrel is free floated from the tip of the stock to the recoil lug? If you cant pull a dollar bill freely between the barrel and stock to the recoil lug,you may need to relieve the stock,and bed the action also.

    Are you shooting off of bags,or a bipod? There could be some problem with the stock flexing when the gun is held and fired,and this can also be fixed by relieving the stock and also bedding the action.

    When checking the action screws,did you use a torque wrench?
    If the screws aren't torqued properly,that can also cause problems with bad groups

    Ammo-Are you shooting ammo that will work for the twist rate of your barrel? Depending on the caliber of your rifle,the ammo your trying to shoot may not work with the twist rate of your barrel.Your rifle may also just not like to shoot that particular brand/style of ammo that you have tried.

    Did you clean the barrel before shooting the gun?
    How many rounds have you fired out of the rifle?
    Did you do any kind of barrel break in? If not,the barrel may be copper fouled,and that will cause bad groups also.

    There are many things that can cause a new rifle to shoot bad groups,but most can be fixed pretty easy.

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    Check the stock...............yank the barreled action from it and see if the stock is clearanced for the screw that holds the magazine body to the action. If it isn't then your action screws are in funky tension (even if properly torqued to spec).

    Do that and test.

    If it still acts stupid then free float the bbl.

    BTW, I drink Double Crooked Tree Ale (acceptable as payment) ;)