Problems with cheap shotgun ammo?

Discussion in 'General Shotgun Discussion' started by GoGlockOrGoHome, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. GoGlockOrGoHome

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    I recently bought my first shotgun..
    I live down the street from a Walmart and was looking at what they had for ammo. They had some reallllly cheap birdshot. Like $9 for a box of 25. It was sold as skeet shooting ammo. It was lead. Made my remington.

    My question is, will I have any problems shooting really cheap ammo out of my mossberg 590A1?
    What downsides will I get from buying crappy ammo? As long as its lead am I okay?
    I'm suchhhh a noob at this, sorry. ;)

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  2. CapnJack

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    Sombody that knows ahellva lot more should chime in soon, but ive had no problems with wallyworlds cheap shotty shellz, its all i buy actually.

    Im new to the shotgun scene also, but ive been getting my blast on when i can lately.

  3. eatmydust

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    If it's brand name ammo and your barrel and choke tubes are rated to handle the projectiles (lead, steel, bismuth/tin) you'll be just fine. Read your owner's manual to be sure.
  4. GoGlockOrGoHome

    GoGlockOrGoHome New Member

    Yeah, I figure I can shoot just about anything through it, but didnt know what downsides there could be?
    Dirtier? Less accurate? I don't know what I don't know I guess, ya know? lol
  5. jeepboy4life

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    I cant give you a technical answer but from personal experience It doesn't hurt my gun, I shot trap competitively for 6+ years shooting the cheapest shells Walmart sold and they didn't hurt my remmy 1100 any.
  6. PanBaccha

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    I have a Mossberg 590A1 too; and have bought a few boxes of shells (Winchester) from Walmart (25 in a box) for practice shooting. Never ever a problem.
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  7. Sniper03

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    Go Glock,

    No trouble at all shooting target or field loads in your Mossberg pump gun. The ammunition you purchased is lead shot loads. So you will have to really brush your barrel out "Good!" when you are done because lead residue will build up in the barrel. It will do that with any target or hunting load that has lead shot in it! It will not hurt the gun at all just takes more effort to clean. Use a good Brass Shotgun Brush! *DRY! until you get the lead out of the barrel. The lead will look like a shadow in the bore of the barrel when it is in there! Then when finished brushing run a patch with solvent on it and check it for any lead! If there is any left run a dry patch through the bore and *Dry brush some more! Then use your solvent and patch to finish cleaning the bore of the barrel. The barrel will look totally clean and shiny as new when it is perfectly clean. Then put some lube on a patch and run it through a couple of times. One more dry patch one time through the barrel to take out the excess lube and you are good to go!


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  8. Virginian

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    $9 a box is primo stuff, not cheap. The cheap stuff is a lot closer to $5 a box. I shot 100 cheap Federals Saturday without a hitch.
  9. SSGN_Doc

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    It'll be fine. Clean up shouldn't be too bad either. Smooth bores clean up pretty quick, and the shot usually remains in the shot cup/wad on its way down the bore. Fine stuff for birds, to small game or clay targets. Not the best stuff for defensive situations, as bird shot would indicate it is made for small thin skinned critters.
  10. GoGlockOrGoHome

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  11. lbwar15

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    Pump guns are not picky at all. Shotguns in general are not picky. Every shot gun (that I know of) is ok to shoot led out the box. Unless you go buy a specialized choke you will be fine.

    Like was mentioned above. There will be some led particles in the barrel. But that's not a huge deal.

    A good friend of mine keeps his 870 in his truck tool box. He has never cleaned it not one time. I know for a fact he has at least 4,000 rounds through it. (We shoot skeet every sunday).Other than some minor surface rust there is not one problem with it. It keeps on ticking.
  12. tCan

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    $9 a box is pretty pricey by my book. I wouldn't even really pay that much for high brass birdshot. $5-7 is more typical for 7.5 or 8 shot.

    Some people have trouble with extracting cheap shells because the aluminum base expands more than brass and gets stuck in the chamber. Most of the time it's not an issue and even If you do run into that problem, you usually fix it by switching brands or in the worst case by polishing the chamber.