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Discussion in 'Firearm Accessories & Gear' started by ArkansasDave, May 22, 2009.

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  1. ArkansasDave

    ArkansasDave New Member

    Hi Ya'll,

    Never been to a site like this, but I need some help/advice for my gun safe. Ya'll seem like a knowledgable bunch.;)

    I've had a Cannon Patriot 6-12 Safe for over a year now, and it's got all the bells and whistles - 1" thick steel door, Type 1 electric lock, Fire Protection, etc.......But I forgot the combo to the safe. And my idiot wife threw out my shoe box that had the combo in it!!!:mad:

    I can't bust this damn thing open, and I've tried everything - a crow-bar, sledge hammer, low-grade dynamite, Ky-Jelly. Nothing works. I know, I know, ya'll are gonna say just call a locksmith, right? But I can't do that b/c some of the guns aren't registered, and I don't want no wise-alec locksmith turnin me in. So lately I've been hangin around in alley-ways, behind seedy bars and stripclubs trying to befriend an experienced robber. I've even been waiting outside prisons hoping to find a released con. I know, that sounds crazy, but hear me out. If I can find an experienced bank-robber who knows how to get into a safe, I can get my guns AND not get in trouble with the law.:cool:

    If anyone has a better idea, please tell me. If this doesn't work, I'm just gonna put the whole dang safe on the side of the road for garbage day. Let those idiots deal with it. You know.
  2. orangello

    orangello New Member

    first - Seriously?
    second - Can't the manufacturer help you overide an electronic lock???
    third - Don't you think a locksmith with the skills to open a safe would have more sense than to look inside it? :rolleyes:

    fourth - You cracked me up, thanks!

  3. 7.62 Man

    7.62 Man Member

    I purchased a safe at a liquidation sale real cheap. The guy had one open so I knew what the inside looked like the one I bought had no combination & no keys to the lock boxes inside. I called a local locksmith the smith told me that the combination was no problem that I could call the manufacturer & get that. But for the keys I would need to call them to come out to my house and make the keys. Not having the time to call the manufacturer I told them that I would like to drop it of at the store and let them take care of it.
    So I bet if you call the manufacturer you could get the combination or a pass # that will get you in then you can change the combination to a # you can remember. This is what I got from the locksmith when I picked up my safe.
    So good luck I hope you get yours open & don't dog on your idiot wife, if she wasn't an idiot wife she mite not be with you.
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  4. 1hole

    1hole New Member

    "I can't do that b/c some of the guns aren't registered,"

    Are you certain that they need to be registered in your state? Most, that God, still don't require that.

    But, if you live in the touchy-feely "liberal" Northeast, maybe so.
  5. masterPsmith

    masterPsmith New Member

    If I lived near you I could help you out. Along with being former LE, I am also a retired DOD locksmith and safe tech. First, if you purchased your safe new and have your reciept (not always required), they will have a record of the combo for that safe, but you will also have to give them the safe serial #. You will also have to be the original owner. This is providing that you did not change it. If you have changed the combo and want to salvage your safe, call a good locksmith with a lot of safe opening experience. Don't call a safe butcher. Depending on the locksmith/safe-tech and the safe, opening with an unknown combo can at times, be quite expensive. On some electronic locks, the serial # on the lock is the over-ride and is used in a sequence to enter a new combo if the current combo is unknown. This serial # will not open the lock and to enter a new combo with it, the container has to be open and a special type of "key" is also used. Sorry, I hope this helps !!!!!

  6. Lowrider

    Lowrider New Member

    This sounds a little fishy to me. Real simple yes/no question: Are you the original owner?

    I thought electronic safes all came with a key so you could get in if the batteries died. I'm no expert, so maybe a "type 1" electronic lock is different. You don't mention it, but what happened to the key?
  7. Gojubrian

    Gojubrian New Member

    I'm in Arkansas. Let me know where yoi live and I'll come relieve you of your safe and your "idiot" wife if you want. :rolleyes:
  8. Yunus

    Yunus Active Member

    I'm curious how you attempted to open the safe with KY-jelly? :eek:
  9. robocop10mm

    robocop10mm Lifetime Supporting Member Lifetime Supporter

    Notice "1 post". Just some lurker trying to be funny or worse, trying to get someone to bite for his HCI sponsored research paper.
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