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    Hello everyone!

    My problem is this;
    I'm sure this is not unique to me and was wondering if someone could give me some advice please:)
    I recently acquired my first firearm as an adult and I have found that my eyesight isn't what it was when I was a youth.
    I am at that age where my nearsighted eyesight is not good anymore.
    I can still see at distances fine it's just that I need glasses for reading and stuff that is close up.
    When trying to aim at a target with my reading glasses on I can see the sights on my firearm but the target is a blur.
    When using clear eye protection I can see the target but my sights are a blur.
    I'm thinking of going to an optometrist and having some bifocals made where I can try and correct for this.
    Is there anybody else out that has similar issues?
    Thank you very much for any help.
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    no idea if this helps but i was taught that your sights should be clear and your target blurry when shooting. have you tried shooting this way to see how well you can do??

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    Perfect vision does not provide a shooter with range-of-field to see both sight and target in focus.

    Depending on the sight-radius of the gun we're shooting, most of us only see one of the sights in focus.

    That sight MUST be the front sight.

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  4. kaikalino

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    Thanks so much for this information!
    I will practice today at the range:)
    I can understand how the sight has to be in focus.
    It makes perfect sense.
    I think I was getting hung up on not being able to see where I'm hitting the target until I pull it in.
    I will report back on my reports!
    Thanks again:)