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Problem with M-44

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The other day I went target shooting with a co-worker of mine and took my SKS, Mosin-Nagant M44, and .45 pistol. He had never shot or heard an M44 go off and he wanted to see how loud they are. I fired 5 rounds from the creek bed into a dirt berm downstream before handing the rifle 5 rounds and hearing protection to Josh. He loaded the rifle as I instructed him how and fired his first shot. He then lifted the bolt without any trouble but could not withdraw it from the reciever to remove the empty brass. After a few seconds of hitting it with my palm (which really hurt) I managed to get it to open and discovered the casing had split from the opening to the first bend in the bottleneck. I assumed that the casing had split (cheap Bulgarian ammo) and had provided enough pressure against the inside of the chamber to make it difficult to withdraw the bolt, so I let him shot it a few more times. However on his second and third shot, it happened again. This time we inspected the empty casings and they were not split like #1. We decided not to shot it anymore, placed it back in my truck and moved on to the SKS. At first, I thought the problem was the fact that my ammo was stored inside my house (in the A/C) in a .50 cal ammo and swelled when exposed to the 90 degree/ 80% humidity outside air. The only problem is, the ammo can sat in the backseat of my truck for about 3 hours will we layed brick at the neighbor's house. I thought that would be plenty of time for it to adjust to the heat. Was I wrong? Would this have actually affected the ammo? It's really confusing me cause this is the first time this rifle has ever done this, I've had it about 2 years now and always used the same type of ammo. Bulgarian 7.62X54R FMJ

Could someone educate me on this. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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Thanx for the advice, i'll try that with the cordless drill. I do keep my guns pretty clean, sometimes when I'm bored and I have nothing to do, I clean all my guns. Even if they haven't been shot since thier last cleaning. Oddly enough though this is the first time it has done it.
I love my SKS, although I just bought an AR-15A2 so it got moved to second but I still like it. I also would like to have an AK but until I get (if I get) a Class 3 license I won't get one cause I want a full-auto. I don't see the need in spending the money to buy a second semi-auto rifle that fires the same round as the SKS. So if I ever get an AK (47 or 74) it will be full-auto, legal of course. Couple weeks ago I hit a skunk at 225 yards with my SKS, iron sights and on the first shot. I have a Yugo, what kind is your's?
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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