problem reloading 40 S&W

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    okay so finally got all my stuff to start reloading, got it all set up right and.. well im using a dillon 550b and it seems i cant get the rounds to all come out the same size. im using 180gr cast bullets and wsf powder. when i set up the dies i set it so the oal would be 1.125. w. powder and bullet in it it was coming out at like 1.135 so i adjusted it so it would be the right oal. well each round after that was different some would be 1.127, .24 .33 ect.. any ideas??? the only calipers i had were a cheapo digital set so im gunna get a dial style and see if thats the problem. If anyone else can think of something else it would be, the help would be great

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    Are you applying the same amount of pressure to the press handle every time?
    Also did you mount the press on a solid surface?
    I had the same issue when I first started, and addressing these concerns helped out immensely!

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    Also take into consideration the temperature, if you are reloading in a garage or shop where the temperature varies a lot, even a few degrees will affect your initial setup.
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    What gordo said.

    Also measure some of the bullets as well see if they vary in length as well.
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    Are you using the brass with the same headstamp? Different brass will have different thickness and internal taper. This will lead to differing OAL's. A compressed load can push the bullet out before seating.
    Don't sweat it. Shoot them and see how they shoot. A few thousandths may not make any difference in the accuracy.
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    I second what Robo said. When I am working up my most acurate loads I sort my brass by the head stamp. It is more consistant that way. I have also seen different headstamps with slightly different length cases. That can also screw up your crimp.
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    Make sure that your shell plate is properly tightend. If its too loose, your OAL will easly varry by over +/-.008". Make sure it doesn't rock.
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    Check to see if the primers are all fully seated and what's wrong with pink panties? I heard that the Duke wore pink panties.

    Most often when I'm loading with a progressive press and not hand priming I get fluctuations on the primer seating depth.

    .010 is about the thickness of 3 human hairs so your going to have to put a straight-edge on the bottom of a primed case and hold it up to a light to see if this may be the problem.
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    COL and cast bullets

    Cast bullets just are not as consistent as jacketed and you will variation if you are measuring from head of case to tip of bullet. Really would be good to measure the bullet length and see what variation you are getting.
    However, unless your seating stem really doesn't fit your bullets or you have something stuck in you seating stem or you are using a very compressed charge or the bullets are not being held with much tension and they can be pushed in easily, it is pretty much the nature of the beast.
    I have had the COL change during a long reloading run due to build up of bullet lube on the seating stem, but the loads still worked just fine. For my cast bullets loads, my COL (measuring using the bullet nose) will vary 0.006 or so total (say ±0.003").