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    i have a pardner pump, it has been flawless thru several hundred rounds. i was cleaning it today and afterward was loading my buckshot in it, my wife had fell asleep on the couch so as not to wake her up i carefully pressed the release brought the slide back and eased the slide forward slowly. then as the buckshot started to enter the chamber the slide stuck slightly, i tried to ease it forward but no i then pushed the slide up with normal force and it loaded just fine. i then unloaded it and reloaded using a normal motion, no problem at all loaded smoothly. should the gun be able to load slow and easy?, i guess i'm asking do i have a problem or not? thanks
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    My 870 does the same thing if the shell is too far rearward on the elevator. It becomes more difficult to drive the slide forward. You wouldn't notice it if you were pumping with a normal force, but if you actuate the slide slowly as you described it will be come noticeable. I think whats happening is that youre dragging the hull which is a rubbery plastic across a metal surface. Naturally it would stick slightly. Once it begins to enter the chamber, the contact with the elevator is lessened and eventually removed which is why you dont get that resistance when the shell is sitting more forward. Just my theory though.
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    Not a problem....................
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    possibly because you tried to ease it gently. most pumps like to be racked with some gusto. i have only experianced a problem or seen it with my wife when trying to gently load a shell. i had to get her to use some authority with the pump. now she has no problem with it. i am not sure this is your problem, but just an idea to consider.
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    If you turn it sideways to watch it doesn't help either. If an intruder falls asleep on your couch, and rather than petrifying him by racking the pump loudly you decide you want to blast him awake, I can see where it might get dicey.
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    Not sure if you were serious but I don't think a dead intruder would look good on your part if he was still laying on the couch like he was snoozing ,probably the better idea would be to tickle his nose with the muzzle after calling the authorities and laugh when he fills his underwear to the brim when he wakes up

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    Not a problem in particular. Mechanical actions offer resistance. 870's are bad enough. Chinese ones have to be worse. The instructions probably say to work the action smartly. With a different gun and when broken in maybe it'd be smoother...
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    i've got an old JC Higgins pump that is the same way.

    whenever my girlfriend shoots my semi-auto pistols, she always tries to gently rack the slide & ease it forward to make sure a shell loads. this always results in either the gun not going into battery or the round popping out of the mag & stove piping. i gotta keep telling her to do it with some authority, that's the way the guns were designed
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    I had this issue w Mossberg but it only had one charge bar. I have not had the problem w my 870 but it is relatively new and it has two charge bars.

    W/O two charge bars the action can bind a wee bit. Historically, under duress, short shucking can be a problem. If anyone knows a cure, now would be a good time to let the genie out of the bottle.
  10. HockaLouis

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    I think I know one -- check your owners' manual on that Mossberg for the actual name and part number to replace.
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    I sold it, only gun I have ever sold that I was happy to see go. :D. New 870 is mechanically similar to your wing master but fit, finish, wood - not even in the ball park. Action is a little rough but I'm hoping it just needs some break in time.

    I bought it for hunting and for fun (variety) on the skeet field. You might be surprised at how challenging skeet can be if you are not one of the "pump-people." This is my first synthetic shot gun - laminate's looked almost as bad and only had 26" tubes and I'm rather fond of 28" - hard to find a 30" in 20 gauge. Longer tubes just seem to swing smoother for me - my .02
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