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I have a few 700's and have not had a problem dating them with the date codes, but I have a new one that is quite old from several details on the rifle and I will describe them here.
--the safety is 'flat' as opposed to round.
--aluminum butt-plate
--the 'hammer' or 'pin' that is usually fush, protrudes out the back of the bolt much further than that of the more modern 700's
--Bolt is not jeweled
--the stock is checkered MUCH different than the others, and is a 'pressed' type checkering, rather that cut, but is very obviously original.
--has a 'springfield' fixed 4x fine hair scope, along with VERY old weaver mounts
--serial number is 273159
--(CD) seems to be the code on the barrel, but that does not make any sense to me, since that dates it far before the 700 was manufactured.
-- (64) also appears after the code mentioned above
This rifle is in absolutely 'minty' condition, and in fact would be anybodys guess to wether or not it has even been fired.
Oddly enough, a 'kid' purchased this rifle from an older guy, and Im wondering if he should reconsider using it as a deer rifle based on its rareity, or value?
Any help on dating this rifle, or maybe putting a value on it would be greatly appreciated... Thaks guys
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