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Discussion in 'Revolver Handguns' started by howhoo50, Jul 19, 2012.

  1. howhoo50

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    I've been thinking of getting a .357 j-frame snubby as an alternate carry - either the 640 pro w 2" barrel but no external hammer, or the 60 pro which has a 3" bbl and an external hammer for range shooting enjoyment, but it's not as concealable and I can only buy one darn it. I've never had a dao hammerless type revolver so it feels a little strange, although I do carry a little .380 ruger LCP in my pocket which is dao, but it's not a revolver. As I write this I'm thinking there's not much anyone can say, the choice is ultimately mine to make. Logic has me leaning towards the 640 cause concealability trumps target shooting in the real world. Anyone want to chime in please do, thanks for listening.
  2. shrek1953

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    I own a s&w60-15 3" tube ss gun
    Great ccw i take to the range only for
    Trigger time its a handful w/357..
    38 or +p its good

  3. ineverFTF

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    Personally i dont like shrouded hammer guns, but for a practical cc gun it would probly be best
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    Ok just my opinion. If you plan to use it for personal protection either concealed or house gun I would go with the 640. Your probably not going to want to use the single action mode in a personal defense situation and if the gun doesn't have one, some lawyer can't say you did (causing the infamous HAIR TRIGGER) even if you didn't.
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    Since not all snakes walk on two legs I am reluctant to give up the single action option on a revolver. I would go with the 60 keeping in mind that you can get it in two inch, and you can get it without the internal lock.
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    Having both a Model 36 and a 60. If I were forced to choose, the 3" would stay. It is amazing how much difference 1" can make as far as a sight plane. Adjustable sights are good. A tad more weight on the muzzle helps The 3" does loose a 100 fps when compared to my 4" .357, but it is a joy to carry.
    If your desire is to have a gun that works at the 7-10 yards some people are concerned with well?? If you want a gun that you will find yourself carrying into the woods as well as more "civiiized" places go with the 3 ". If your thinking about a "get home gun", go with the 3'.
    After purchasing a M&P 9 with a laser, I'm still carrying the 3" 60.