Private firearms sales? How do they work?

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    Ok so I'd like to sell my AR, but I've never sold a firearm before and would like to get some pointers from those of you that have had experience in this area like the state of the firearm, forms I might need, anything really. I live in Colorado in case that matters. Thanks.
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    Check the gun laws of your state to see if it's legal,or if they require any forms filled out.
    In Texas,we can privately sell firearms without any formal forms,etc..I always try to get as much personal info from the buyer/seller that I can-Name,Address,License #,Phone #,etc.,and write out a Bill of Sale with a description of the firearm,serial #,and then have the buyer/seller sign it along with myself.
    If they refuse to offer me that info,then the transaction will not take place.
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    In Colorado you may sell a firearm only to a resident of Colorado (or to a FFL holder anywhere). Resident must be at least 18, and you may not have reason to think they are unable to own a gun.

    Sales at gun shows require a background check. But you can sell it to your neighbor, and there is no permit, no registration.