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    Having been inspired by JDs thread on fixing the death row issues, I propose the the same debate on Prison Reform.

    The USA has more prisoners per capita than any other country, the cost is astronomical, it needs to be fixed in the worst way.

    So, I am asking for suggestions on how to fix it.

    My thoughts, the prisoner base is merely WASTED manpower, I would like to see;
    1. Road/chaingang work crews, cleaning and maintaining roads,etc. Any work that needs to be done,period. Prisoners can be fitted with a collar, that if they try to leave the work area they recieve a shock similar to a tazer,with repeated attempts resulting in increased voltages. That should keep the from running off! Oh and there is no pay/compensation for their work.

    2. In the prisons, do away with personal property, no cable tv, no radios, the only entertaianment allowed would be newspapers.

    3. Frivolous law suits are not permitted, they cant sue because their toilet paper is scratchy.

    4. Prisoners are housed in a 10x10 cell. 3 hots and a cot, thats it. NO general population, all prisoners are either in thier cells or on work details. The previously mentioned collars can be used so that if another inmate gets too close to another inmate they both get zapped.

    That's all I got for now, any other thoughts? I know these suggestions don't reduce the # of prisoners, but prison would no longer be so...accomodating?
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    See "Russian Gulag".

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    3 hots, a cot, free healthcare, cable, free time, exercise equipment.....I bust my butt all week so I can afford to have those things, maybe I should just knock over a couple liquor stores.

    Our punishments are so slack there is no real reason for someone not to commit a crime if they are so inclined. I'm with you on the work crew. Everyone in prison needs to be working on something to in some way pay back society for their wrong doing. If they're a danger to society then remove them from society via firing squad.

    Rapists and child molesters get a special prize, castration. I don't just mean the berries either, the twig too. Those perverts should lose their man card and the associted equipment. They should also have a big tattoo on their foreheads letting everyone know they're a kid toucher.
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    Of the people i know who have been locked up beyond the city or county jail, in an actual penitentiary, none reported being fed "3 hots" per day, and i'm just fine with that myself, as i rarely eat three cooked meals in a day myself.

    As for inmates working, Parchman prison in MS has a farm & working it isn't very optional. The auto shop is a much sought after option that will keep you in outta the sun of the bean fields. I have a great little bar-b-que grill that some of the prisoners there made for some sort of fundraiser. Were i to be locked up, i would rather work on cars than sit around playing grab-*** with a bunch of people too dumb to get away with whatever they chose to do.

    edit* from Parchman's website stats:
    The majority of the farming activity involving Agricultural Enterprises takes place at MSP.

    During FY 2008, inmates worked a total of 711,360 hours in the agricultural program.
    Inmates planted approximately 1,167 acres of vegetables, 214 acres of rice, 2,400 acres of soybeans, 500 acres of wheat and 1,400 acres of corn.
    During FY 2008, 88,920 inmate man-days were expended.
    During FY 2008, 4,231,455 pounds of vegetables were harvested.
    The swine operation weaned 1,008 litters averaging 8.28 pigs per litter with 8,326 weaned.
    Feeder hogs marketed totaled 6,198 for $617,661.
    The breeding herd received 244 raised gilts into the herd.
    The current inventory for breeding, farrowing, nursery, and finishing is 4,372.
    There were 551,900 dozen eggs produced ($671,324 cash value). State Prisons.htm

    Nooooooobody wants to go to the farm/Parchman; everybody i've heard of getting convicted hopes to do most of their time at a county jail.
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    What about prisons being independent, like food and power? If they want food they have to grow a garden and keep a chicken coup, and if they want lights they have to jump on an electricity-conducting bike for a few hours a day. You could regulate it where all safety aspects of the prison have full power (doors, cameras etc.) but the inmate's cell wouldn't have power if he didn't work for it.
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    Back to chain gangs, making little rocks out of big rocks, NO workout necessary as they will be too tired to do it, 3 squares and a bed, up at 4AM, lights out at 9PM, NO bullsh!t!!

    At Folsom, the inmates used to raise their own beef!!
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    Lets see 12 hour work days.

    They have to work or else they go to death row. Work is not answering phones and booking hotel rooms. They are going to be out working along side the road picking up trash down to cig butts cutting grass trimming trees painting curbs. What ever needs to be done they will be doing. They will wear bright pink uniforms and be fitted with a tazer belt.

    Prison will be lock down when they are there. Cells will be 4' wide by 6' long you have a steel bed frame and you get 1 feather pillow and 1 wool blanket. Inmates will be expects to keep uniforms pressed and boots highly polished.

    Child molesters hell we shoot them on sight they never get to prison. When found guilty they are drug out behind the court house and thrown into a pit with 4 hungry mean dogs. Oh yeah after he is shanked a few times....
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    No amenities -- no cable, no smoking, no cable (except the weather channel), nothing at all except what they give you. Sheriff Joe is onto something.

    As for labor...I'm against forced labor. A prisoner can choose to be in solitary or work with others in a very regimented system.
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    My thoughts on the labor part is that, these convicted criminals have violated other peoples rights (theoreticaly), or broken the law. The have been removed from societal interactions, but I still believe they must contribute to society, in one way or another.
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    Sheriff Joe Arpaio for President

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    This is a great topic, I vote we do away with prisons in general (let me explain). Out them in tents in the desert or in the country twenty foot high chain link fence with razor wire around it. They get up with the sun and head to their work detail. If they don't want to work, then they don't get food, just like Jamestown. They get a bunk, pillow, blanket, and a chest for their pink uniforms, soap, toothbrush, and shaving razor. If they are sick, they can call out to their families and their family can bring the medicine to the facility. You try to escape you get shot and buried in an unmarked grave. Forget the tazor belts, buckshot is much cheaper. oh and love the gardening ideas, they are really practical given most prisons are in rural areas as it is.
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  13. pandamonium

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    nuff said?

    I'm sure there are many more thoughts on the subject. I do like the farm work idea.
    My "nutshell" thought is we need to make prison someplace people really,really, don't want to go.Even county lock-ups should employ the same principles. I new a guy, way back in the day, he didn't really have a home, he would commit crimes, just enough to get locked up for the winter. To him it was easier than trying to find work and a place to stay.
    Prisons/jails SHOULD be the most miserable place you could think of. I for one have not been to prison,god willing I never will, but it seems like these guys get all the creature comforts without working or contributing anything to society. I am NOT implying that prison is like club med.
    I know that if I did wind up in prison, I would definitly want to be in solitary, I would NOT want to be in a general population situation. Knowing me ,I would be in kill or be killed situations every damn day! (I sometimes can't keep my mouth shut)
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    Both sides are messed up

    Evil is evil and criminals should be punished but just to let you know be careful for what you wish for. Do you really trust our justice system under this administration?

    Christians are being arrested in Dearborn MI.
    Jailed for Jesus in America...Michigan police arrest Christians for talking to Muslims

    Four Christians were arrested and jailed for talking to Muslims about Jesus, by order of police chief Ronald Haddad of Dearborn Michigan, who defended the arrests one week after the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals ordered those same police to let Christian evangelist George Saieg preach openly at a Muslim festival there.

    I still correspond with a ex-cop who was jailed because he was in the shower when 2 kids broke into his house and stole his sidearm laying with his uniform on the bed and used it. He spent prison time under a child endangerment conviction.

    I know an war injured solder who was jailed for child support arrears while waiting in a hospital for a disability check from Uncle Sam.

    Both, our laws and the way they are enforced and prison scare the hell out of me. So keep talking about what you want prisons to be like because if things keep going the way they are you may get a chance to enjoy your wish.

    I think criminals should be punished the way it says in the first 4 books of the Bible. I guarantee crime would be way down. Notice there is no reference on sending a criminal to prison in those writings. Interesting is it not?
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    I gotta say that I agree with NPBW here on several points.

    The prison system most of you are describe is EXACTLY how it is in Arkansas. They are almost completely self-sufficient. They sell cattle, cotton and pigs to pay for electricity and provide payroll for guards. They farm/graze 18,000 acres at the prison several of my buddies work at. Up at 3:30 or 4:00 (depending on your area) and down at 8:00. Work, or you get no privelages. Don't screw up in Arkansas!