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  1. Gojubrian

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    I recently read in a thread that if a firearm is printing, then it is not concealed. From what I've been told by my leo friends and what I learned in the chl class it is generally ok to print somewhat, but not encouraged.

    What could the ramifications of printing be? How much print is considered printing?

    Is printing illegal in some or all states?

    I pay careful attention not to print while carrying. I don't want any attention drawn to my firearm.
  2. utf59

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    That's going to vary by state. Here in Florida, printing isn't illegal, it just isn't smart.

  3. willfully armed

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    Printing can incur a "brandishing" charge in some states.

    Here in Kansas, its not unlawful, but not good practice.

    I carry a full size USP, and in some positions, printing is impossible to stop.

    Like if I have to sit, it will print. There fore I only sit with my back against something, of while wearing a coat/jacket.

    Remember concealed is concealed. In most places, out of sight equals concealed.
  4. UnderFire

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    It all depends on what state law dictates.
    It will vary from state to state.
    If your state has a clause "Display of Weapons" (or similar wording) in the concealed weapons statute, read & understand it fully. It usually has a meaning to the effect of a weapon can only be displayed in self defense only, not while being carried. In most cases outlines are not allowed, bulge is ok. Outlines are obvious, bulges can be anything.

    I would like to think all concealed weapons permit holders will use common sense when carrying their concealed weapon. I would think all would agree that concealed means without any visual evidence of a weapon present.
  5. Glock30Owner

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    I have yet to see any statute on the books of any state or municipality that makes "printing" a crime. Now, just because I have not seen it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist, but before you believe some of the garbage that gets tossed around as fact, ask for the specific code.

    BTW, sorry that you live in one of the only 7 states that prohibit the open carry of firearms and require you to carry your sidearm in shame.
  6. spittinfire

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    Here in NC I don't believe there is anything illegal about printing but I do my best to avoid it. It draws unwanted attention to you. Maybe the attention isn't from a BG but the lady with a child in the same isle as you at wal mart. She is the one of the last people I want to cause any stress or worry because I'm carrying. She's also one of the people most likely to point you out to the LEOs that stop by the local WM during their routes.
  7. supergus

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    You're right it's not illegal. As a matter of fact, open carry is not specifically illegal, just not recommended. So while I make every reasonable attempt to conceal and not print, at least I know I'm not breaking any laws.
  8. Flint Rock

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    What you and I consider printing, most people think is a cell phone or other belt mounted gizmo. Not to belittle the point, but with a little effort on your part, printing is not usually as big as an issue as you think.
  9. JonM

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    it just depeneds on what cop you run across. if you run across one with a batman complex your in trouble and may be harrassed. used to call that type batman because of the tool belts they always had with every gadget known to man and always spoiling for a "fight withthe bad guy real or imagined". anyway just depends.

    when i lived in texas i carried my SigP220 in the winter as it fit just fine in a jacket pocket. in the summer i carried my Walther PPK since it was easy to hide. to me CCW was a seasonal thing as to which weapon was on me at the time.