Primer Pressure Gauge?

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    I was taught that the primer was a good indicator of pressure. A very much flattened out primer indicated very a high pressure.
    I took my 12FV .223 Savage and my home made rest to the range today. I had purchased a quantity of Winchester and Federal ammo. The Federal ammo worked quite well while the Winchester ammo is not near as accurate. When inspecting the spent cases I noticed that some of the Winchester primers had flattened out considerably more than others. Is this just plain old poor quality?


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    Not really.

    I have primers that are flat and have a ridge around the firing pin indent and I am only 50 fps over minimum.

    Are you shooting a remington?

    Remington for some stupid reason though that putting a nice bevel on the hole in the bolt face was a good idea. I heard that no matter what they cause that ring.

    I know mine does.

    The one on the right might have been a hotter load. Or it could have sat in a hot chamber longer than other rounds.