Primary Arms Ultimate Weapon Light - Pics and Gun Pr0n inside!

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    Hey guys!

    Been busy as if late working on the jeep, figured I would post up some pics of the PA weapon light and the rifle as it sits now. With the addition of the light, I can officially say that this rifle is done! I have everything I want on it minus an aimpoint or EOTech and neither of those look to be in my near future.

    Ok, time for the light.

    After having such great success with the PA micro RDS I decided to go with PA for the light as well. The funds from the tax return have dried up so I was on a budget and wanted to get a light on the rifle ASAP seeing as how the only other gun in the house is the HD shotgun and if things go bump in the night I really don't like the idea of leaving my wife defenseless if I decide to go check it out. I could take the shotgun, yes, but that leaves her with a rifle she doesn't know how to shoot (hope to fix that soon) as well as without a light other than the lights in the room that would make her an excellent target as well.

    Anyways, I waited a few weeks for PA to get restock on the lights and pulled the trigger. I looked at surefire lights and while they were very nice they were out of my price range. I required the lights to have a remote switch, I wasn't a fan of having to change my hand grip to press a button and I wanted to be able to strobe the light or switch from on/off as often as needed without once again having to adjust my grip.

    That left me with few options. Inexpensive with a remote switch? I didn't like the way the TLR-1 looked on the rifle, and I couldn't afford a surefire. I happened upon the UWL and was seriously impressed with the specs.... And for only $80!

    The light arrived in a nice little black box. Upon initial examination I found it a bit long, the light does have THREE batteries that it uses (included with light). It's aluminum construction wasn't heavy at all, I had heard reports of it "being a brick" and while it may be heavier than a surefire (never had one) it wasn't by any means "a brick"

    I popped out the TWO included buttons, a push cap and a remote switch, and was disappointed with the pressure switch. I had heard reports of faults switches and I can see now why. The switch wasn't very "elegant", it appears that the switch was placed in a "heat shrink wrap" of sorts and it was shrunk and sealed. The end where it was trimmed is still blocked out with sharp edges, but they don't get in the way once the switch is mounted. Otherwise the switch and it's 7" cord was fine, and after mounting I can say its appearance does nothing to the function. The switch is easily controlled, has a decent amount of rigidity to prevent accidental activation, and has a concise pop when you depress it. I have not used the push button yet.

    I used the stock mount that came with it, I don't have a QD mount to use with it ATM and no plans to, and found that it attaches securely. The two screws have large thumb jobs that are easy to grasp and tighten and easy enough to loosen. I haven't gotten a range trip in yet to see how they stay under firing conditions.

    Brightness.... Yea, its blinding. I may or may not have activated the light while looking in a mirror at the bulb..... Yea, it's bright. 380 lumens are claimed, and it is quite a bit brighter than my TLR-1 on the shotty. No complaints here, and its rated brighter than a lot of weapon lights.

    Overall I am very pleased with the light. It's big, but it has the brightness and price I was looking for!

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  2. mountainman13

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    Damn that's a big light. I would have recommended a sunwayman. A bit smaller smaller and more powerful and has a strobe setting. Congrats anyway you're a lot further along then I am.

  3. Jkl-28

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    Nice rifle!
    U did a hell of a job putting that together!
    I think it looks great!
  4. Tenderribbs

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    Sweet that looks like I could take coon hunting with that q beam on the side!
  5. okdonk

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    Thats a big light! Sometimes i think my Surefire G2X Pro is big.. now there's something bigger. ;)
  6. SSGN_Doc

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    Watch out for pwder burns on the head of the light with it that close to the FH. Nice looking rig though. interested in hearing more about how the light performs.
  7. Todd_

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    Thanks to all of ya for the positive remarks, I still get a good grin when people like my work :).

    I considered the heat and debris that must exit the end of the muzzle, but at the same time I don't want a large shadow cast by the barrel. I'll try moving the light back a bit, a few inches shouldn't give me any muzzle shadow and should dramatically lessen the chance of burns to the light head. Thanks to the heads up!