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Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by lost_punk, May 18, 2010.

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    Hey everyone. This is my first post so i am sorry if there is somewhere i should look for this answer elsewhere. I am trying to insure my ar-15 on my homeowners policy but i need to know the value of it. here is what i know about it. it was bought in 2000. olympic arms AR-15. Mod P.C.R. 99 It also says SA 7737. Not sure what that means. it has a full non-folding stock. full length barrel. NO flash suppressor. This is one of the clinton-era banned rifles. Never moddified. only shot. have orginal 10rd clip and 30rd clip.

    Any idea what its worth? i Have NO intention on selling this as it was my highschool graduation gift from my parents. and i love this gun.
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    Welcome to FTF Lost _punk stop by the introduction section and tell us about you're self

    I am not too sure about the value of that rifle in particular but there are many very knowledgeable members here that will prob chime in

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    With the current market, and it has the Klinton Era / Olympic Arms stigma ( I don't personally believe that is a downside, but some do ) I would say you have an $800 rifle in this economy to the right buyer being as it's used.

    Since this is for insurance purposes, I would claim it at $1200. If anything where to happen, you will have enough to buy a lot of stock rifles off the shelf for replacement.

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    i always claim what it woud cost me to replace. sometimes i have to go for specialized insurance. my 89 firebird i restored to like new, it looks like it just rolled off the factory floor inside and out, spent around 30k doing it. so i have it insured for 30k. i had to go for specialty insurance to do it as state farm geico etc only insure for blue book regardless of condition rarity or money spent.

    guns can be the same way. always claim more than you think since you will have to take your time getting all that back if something happens.