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    What is the common pricing practice for class 3's as dealers? Specifically, what kind of markup do most dealers use for their inventory for sale to regular buyers? What should one dealer charge another dealer, as far as markup? We've had our FFL for a while, and now are SOT dealer. Just trying to get a feel for what other SOT dealers are doing.
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    If your going to sell to the general public you can only sell pre ban machine guns.

    To get an inventory started you will need to find owners or dealers wanting to sell them.

    Depending on what you pay for them.... your mark up will vary depending on the going rate people are paying at the time for each type you brand you sell.

    Here are the average prices

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    Since there is no wholesale in the NFA world you typically pay 80% of the arms value from individuals or estates as for buying from dealers you will pay the going rate most of the time. Keep in mind most of the prices you see on the interenet are inflated.

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